Top 5 Trends for Wedding Cakes in 2017

Unique, non-traditional cakes become more and more popular for wedding events. We mean marble or geode cakes. Taking the internet by storm, drip wedding cakes became one of the hottest trends. Your wedding cakes will be especially creative and unique because the drip can be of any color: white, gold, chocolate, caramel or any other. Love the idea decorating cakes with flowers, macaroons, chocolate bars or seasonal fruit and berries. Find a yummy drip wedding cake that impress your guests!

Drip Wedding Cakes

drip wedding cakes for fall

flower topped naked fall wedding cake with chocolate drizzle

pink floral with gold drip wedding cakes for 2017

Wedding Forward | Wedding Chicks | You & Your Wedding

Marble Wedding Cakes

metallic gold and blue marble wedding cake

modern white marble wedding cake

Pretty Marble Cake with Pops of Gold

Wedding Forward | Brides | Green Wedding Shoes

Greenery Wedding Cakes

greenery and white wedding cakes for 2017

white and green wedding cake

white wedding cake with greenery and pink floral

Ruffled | Style Me Pretty

Geode and Quartz Wedding Cakes

modern geode wedding cake

navy and gold geode wedding cakes

Rose quartz wedding cake fro 2017

Style Me Pretty | Aisle Perfect | My Domaine

Woodland Wedding Cakes

Beautiful Woodland Wedding Cake

country rustic woodland wedding cakes

unique woodland wedding cake ideas for 2017

Belles & Whistles Wedding | AMZN | Rustic Wedding Chic 

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