18 Cheerful Sunflower Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Bold, chic, fun, and bright as sunshine! Sunflower for wedding are cool to add a rustic touch to your big day or your bridal shower whenever in spring, summer, and autumn.

Sunflowers are getting more and more popular every year and are quite a favorite among brides with their sunny and cheerful yellow pastels there are tons of sunflower wedding ideas to get inspired from. More people today are searching for ways to have a sunflower wedding of their own.

There are actually 70 different varieties when it comes to sunflowers so you may have to do your research when it comes to what sunflowers you would like to have as your wedding centerpiece! The big traditional style sunflower is known as a ‘Common Sunflower’ and as you can guess, it’s the one that you commonly see in photos of sunflower wedding ideas.

Today, with sunflower for wedding, you’ll mostly see sunflowers features in backyard weddings or another more rustic-style wedding; sunflowers suitably match with other flowers and greenery which makes them good natural weddings decorations.

Regardless if you’re looking to have a sunflower wedding cake or just looking for some basic sunflower wedding ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

Below, we’ve put together a collection of brilliant sunflower wedding ideas including sunflower themed wedding centerpieces and how you can incorporate sunflowers into your decor and ceremony to have the sunflower wedding of your dreams.

sunflowers themed wedding centerpiece ideas

wooden rustic sunflower wedding centerpiece

wedding reception decoration ideas with sunflower centerpieces

vintage sunflower wedding centerpiece with lantern

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vintage sunflower wedding centerpiece ideas

tall wedding centerpiece ideas with sunflowers and hydrangea

tall sunflower wedding centerpiece ideas

sunflower wedding centerpiece ideas

rustic wedding tablescape with sunflower centerpieces

rustic wedding centerpiece ideas with sunflowers

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