14 Bridal Makeup Essentials 2020

Nailing your daily makeup routine is hard enough as it is, but sorting out your bridal makeup kit is a whole new level. Your big day calls for something spectacular, and you’re going to want to pamper yourself with nothing but the best.

But, where to start?

Follow along and we’ll show you essential high-end products that no bride should go without in 2020. Stay tuned until the end for a beauty plan for wedding that you should start a few weeks prior to the big day.



We mention this first because it’s absolutely essential in keeping all of your hard work in place throughout the ceremony and reception. Compared to all of the other wedding makeup products, this is perhaps the one that’s come the furthest in quality. Opt for a mineral primer that specifically designed to address your particular skin type by it dry, blotchy, or oily.


Keep using your go-to if you feel so inclined, but if you are looking to explore something bigger and better while avoiding the standard liquid foundations, take a Traceless Foundation Stick out for a test drive. It’s light matte finish is perfect for almost every skin type and leaves creamy, healthy-looking results.

Concealer Kit:

You can purchase these best wedding makeup products individually, but it’s more economical and ensures that each product’s quality matches if you buy it in a kit. Brides will need a heavy-duty concealer that will stay put after it’s first applied and handy enough for touch-ups throughout the big event.

Setting Powder:

Splurge on Makeup Forever’s Ultra HD Microfinishing Pressed Powder to lock in your concealer and foundation before moving on to the outer layers. This gem leaves skin feeling silky and radiant while removing shine and never appears cakey. Careful though, your skin may be irresistible to touch – yourself included.


Mascara science has grown leaps and bounds over the past few years. Due to its magical ability to make your eyes pop in just the way you want, MAC Extreme Dimension 3D black mascara has quickly become a favorite of any retailer who stocks it and any woman who wears it.

Glow Kit:

No bridal makeup kit is complete without blush, bronzer, and highlighter. Choose a bronzer that’s 2 skin tones darker than your natural hue, rose-colored blush, and bronzer to bring life back to your lips and cheeks.

Setting Spray:

This isn’t necessary for a gorgeous wedding day look, but carry it with you and you’ll swear by it – especially during warmer summertime weddings. Use a little spritz to freshen up your look even on the stickiest of days or periodically throughout the day any other time of year.

Waterproof Gel Liner:

Pencil eyeliner just doesn’t quite do the trick on your big day. Choose a gel liner for your wedding makeup essentials kit by rocking classic black or something a little more bold to compliment your wedding theme color scheme.



Poor quality lipstick doesn’t go on well, and even if it does it doesn’t last long. With the “I do” kiss, reception menu you want a lip treatment that will keep up. The brand you choose all depends on whether you want matte, semi-matte, satin, gloss, or a lip stain. You also have your choice of almost every shade imaginable to match your style.


With all of those dollars, you’re throwing at your hairstylist, you’re going to want it to keep its shape. Let R+Co Outer Space flexible hair spray work it’s magic all night long to maintain your look. You can also rely on this product to put yourself back together after a few rounds on the dance floor. Depending on the consistency of your hair, you may also in texture spray.

Hair Oil:

Double your pleasure with OUAI Rose hair and body oil spray. Use it for its primary purpose and tame flyaways and any dead ends your stylist may have missed. Follow up by applying a little bit to your skin for a soft and healthy finish. With all sorts of makeup stuffs out there it’s easy to forget this bit, but you absolutely should not.

Face Mist:

Carry a small bottle of facial mist to freshen up through the night and leave your skin feeling great and smelling like coconut, aloe, and rose. Although it doesn’t contribute to your initial makeup artistry, it’s one of the best bridal makeup products to keep with you at all times.

Eye Cream:

At some point during the evening, you’re going to hit the wall and feel exhausted, but they’ll never know. Keep that tired look at bay with high-end eye cream to keep the section under your eyes hydrated and energetic.


Of course, there’s always the need for pre-wedding routine. Number 14 on our list is your entire skin conditioning lineup that you need, including:

  • Sodium bicarbonate for your baths to soften up those dry patches.
  • Chemical peels, exfoliation, and/or microdermabrasion to reduce pour depth.
  • Moisturizer and sunscreen to clear up your skin.
  • Benzoyl peroxide to reduce blemishes
  • Eye cream diffuser to reduce the appearance of dark circles under your eyes.

There are very few occasions in life where paying an arm and a leg for best makeup for weddings is justified but your wedding is certainly one of them. If you start to second guess the investment, keep in mind that everything you buy can be used far after the honeymoon is over, it lasts longer and it feels great.

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