20 Fancy Free Script Fonts for DIY Wedding Invitations

For those who’re doing DIY wedding invitations, one of the most important part is the fonts. There’re thousands of free fonts that you can download to complete the invitations though, that means there’re thousands of fonts that isn’t really your cup of tea.  And since you’ve got way more important things to do with your time than sift through them, I’ve rounded up twenty of the nicest, least terrible free script fonts I could find, all of which you can download for absolutely free. Check out these fancy script fonts and get inspired!

20 free script fonts for diy wedding invitations


Sverige Script

Aidan Script

Brillyo Script

Braveheart Script

Honilad demo

Shalinta font

Melika letter

Alex Brush



West cousin

Delight Script

kalisha script

black jack

Prologue Script

Edwardian Script

Paduka Script



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