8 Tips When Picking Your Wedding Flowers

Flowers will always be an integral element of weddings. You can use flowers to express your style and show off your personal favorites. Most importantly, they’re used to make your wedding ceremony look beautiful and elegant for the entire wedding day.

Wedding flowers are often used in numerous ways—in your bridal bouquet, bridesmaids’ posies, entrances, table flowers, backdrops, and interior decorations. And so, choosing your wedding flowers are among the critical decisions you need to make during your planning.

However, picking your wedding flowers can be confusing and complicated. There are many flower varieties out there for you to choose from, and you might not even know where to begin. Thankfully, this article has laid out some tips to help you with your wedding flower dilemma and achieve your long-awaited dream wedding. 

Here are eight tips to remember when picking your wedding flowers:

1. Set Your Budget

Before jumping right into the decision-making, it’s a good idea to determine your budget for the wedding flowers. Your budget will help in deciding how much money you’ll set aside for your flowers. Moreover, this will also narrow down your choices and only focus on the ones that fit your budget. Thus, it’s a good idea to set this with your partner first and figure out how much you’d spend.

Couples would often spend around 8 to 10 percent of their overall wedding budget on the flowers. Still, this may vary depending on how many flower arrangements you need. If you have a bigger budget for wedding flowers, you can pull off grander and bigger designs. If you’re looking for cost-effective and more affordable options, you can incorporate greenery in your wedding decorations and mix it with floral accents.

2. Choose A Wedding Florist

It’s hard to decide on the type of flowers, color scheme, and designs on your own. Thus, it’s best to hire a wedding florist to consult with and help you decide anything flower-related. Find yourself a florist who understands what you want and can bring your vision to life. You can check out some wedding flower websites like The Bouqs  and others, so you can inquire about their previous projects.

After hiring a flower company, ask a wedding florist to accompany you to your wedding location. From there, they can also provide professional input about the best flowers that’d suit your wedding area and help you settle on tough decisions. You can count that their suggestions and recommendations would be perfect for your wedding as they have a lot of experience in this field.

3. Do Your Homework

While it’s true that you don’t need to be a wedding flower expert, it can be helpful if you do your homework and try to know some of the most popular wedding flowers. This bit of knowledge will help you become more familiar with flowers and their different characters.

Some flowers exude more vivid colors but without much fragrance while others possess pastel to neutral colors but offer strong fragrant blossoms. You can use this knowledge when talking to your florist about your wedding flower goals and visions.

4. Gather Inspiration

With your basic knowledge about wedding flowers and the tips from your florist, it may now be easier for you to gather some wedding flower inspirations and find your ultimate flower choice from there. Make time to browse the internet and see photos from real weddings. You can also check out some brochures or wedding magazines and compare their flower arrangements. 

As you’re exposed to different choices, you’ll soon develop your likes and dislikes. Take note of your floral preferences regarding their shape, color, style, and texture. Don’t forget to browse for more inspiration from places such as the flower section at the mall or local market or from your favorite wedding-themed movies. Keep some pictures of your initial favorites and show them to your florist. Remember, it’s better to show than just tell.

5. Take Note Of Your Wedding Color

Another source of inspiration to help you pick your wedding flowers is your chosen wedding color theme. Your wedding color can help narrow down your flower options in terms of color. Some flowers with abundant color choices may include lilies, roses, tulips, dahlias, and carnations. Meanwhile, flowers like hydrangeas, anemones, and peonies only offer a limited color selection.

Keep in mind that your wedding flowers don’t have to exactly match your decoration’s primary colors. The point is you can choose a wedding flower that complements well with your color palette. You can provide fabric swatches and photos with your florist, and they’ll help you find flowers that shall closely match your wedding color theme. 

6. Choose Flowers For Your Wedding Bouquet First

The wedding bouquet is an essential accessory for the bride that should never be forgotten, so why not use it as a starting point? Work with your florist, and together, you can pick which flowers should be used for your bouquet. Make sure these will match well with your wedding dress and overall look.

Once you’ve finalized this arrangement, you can move forward with the flower arrangements for the table centerpieces, bridesmaid bouquets, aisle markers, and boutonnieres. These don’t need to look exactly like your wedding bouquet, but they should be similar enough to complement each other and create a cohesive look. 

7. Assess Your Wedding Season

Another factor to consider in finding inspiration for your wedding flowers is your wedding season. Check your wedding date and see if it falls during the winter, spring, fall, or summer. Remember that flowers can change the same way seasons do, so you have to make sure your chosen flowers are available during your wedding season. If you insist on using a specific flower that’s only available at another time, it may be challenging for your florist to find these and may cause you a higher price. 

8. Consider Your Wedding Style

When picking your wedding flowers, it’s also essential to consider your wedding style. Perhaps, you and your partner had first decided on your wedding theme after you got engaged. Your wedding motif can be a bohemian theme, a beach wedding, or a formal black-tie wedding. And so, your chosen flowers must complement well for the theme you’re going for to ensure your flowers won’t look out of place. 

Wrap Up

Choosing your weddings flowers may be confusing, but overall, it’s one of the most enjoyable parts of wedding planning. To make the choosing process easier, you can always refer to the tips above. These will help you and your florist speed up your decision-making and lead you to the best choice of flower for your wedding day. 

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