A Definitive Wedding Ring Shopping Guide

A Definitive Wedding Ring Shopping Guide

Your engagement ring does not have to overshadow your wedding rings. But they, too, should be given careful consideration.  If you plan to get married, it can be challenging to figure out how and what type of wedding rings to buy if you’ve never done so before.

There are general guidelines for purchasing any jewelry. But because wedding rings are special, there are a few additional considerations to make when shopping for them. Here’s how to pick the best wedding rings.

1.    Search Early

Make sure you and your partner know what you want, and draw a picture of your perfect ring early on. Identifying the design and size is significant. Plan your wedding rings for at least three to five months before you go ring shopping. Allot enough time researching and looking for sample designs and costs on the internet.

Wedding rings, in most circumstances, are considerably different from engagement rings which are very ornate and expensive. Unlike engagement rings, they are typically simpler but aesthetically appealing. There are numerous options available for wedding rings and bands, so do your homework and take your time.

Other than the internet, you can also search for wedding rings and other wedding jewelry pieces in local jewelry shops. Your local jeweler can create a design according to your wishes and give you a great deal, especially if you know someone who can refer you to them. In this way, you can vouch for the quality and craftsmanship of the wedding ring you’ll be wearing for a lifetime.

2.    Decide On A Price Range

Set a budget to buy beautifully meaningful wedding rings to avoid overspending. Keep in mind that the meaning of the rings is more significant than their price. A diamond’s cut, carat, clarity, and color aren’t the only factors to consider. The price is also affected by the form of the diamond and how it is placed. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a diamond, a white sapphire will save you money. You can also choose an emerald or ruby to give a splash of color.

Platinum wedding rings are often more expensive than white gold bands while the latter is more expensive than yellow or rose gold rings. Although gold remains the most popular option, other materials such as silver, tungsten, titanium, cobalt, and stainless steel are becoming more popular. A non-gold wedding band may be less expensive or safer than a gold one if your work always requires you on the field.

If you need a well-known designer brand to purchase the item, you should expect that the price will rise. If you wish to buy a ring that’s out of your budget, you can ask the jeweler for one from the same designer at a lesser price. A jeweler can also assist you in making your wedding bands one-of-a-kind, and it does not have to be more expensive than purchasing a ready-made band. It may even save you money.

3.    Pick The Type Of Wedding Band

Even though it used to be customary for couples’ wedding bands to match, this is no longer the case. Here are a few of the most common choices you can make.

  • Matching Bands: The old idea was that a vein went from your left hand’s ring finger to your heart. It’s why so many individuals wear their rings here. Science has since revised this belief, yet it is still widely used. Matching wedding bands are also supposed to demonstrate that you and your husband are equal, together, and similar. If you enjoy tradition, you might look into your preferred matching couples bands.
  • Complementary Bands: If you take the middle road, your bands may look nice together while showcasing your distinct approaches. Assume one of the rings is simple metal, and the other is the same metal but embellished with diamonds or other glittering stones. It’s an excellent compromise between traditional and modern values, so you and your partner can still have complementing rings while still having your touch into it.
  • Non-Matching Bands: Couples who wish to go their way should choose rings that do not match. They help each of you show off your style and demonstrate that you each contribute your distinct style to your relationship. Unique ring designs can also be more practical, as not all rings suit everyone’s personality or hand shape and size.

4.    Examine The Ring Profile And Your Finger Size

Your wedding ring should not be too tight, but it should also not be too loose. It should be easy to put on and difficult to take off. Finger sizes can alter due to various factors, including the weather, temperature, and how often you use them. As a result, your finger will not always be the same size.

When choosing a ring, make sure to check your temperature. For instance, fitting a ring when your hands are too cold can affect the ring’s fit later on because that’s when your size appears smaller. On the other hand, fitting a ring when it’s too hot can mean that your size runs a little bigger.

Another consideration is the ring’s profile or appearance. You can find wedding bands that are flat across the top, rounded, pointed into a design known as a “knife-edge,” or fully round from the top to the interior. The width of a wedding ring is an essential consideration too. People with thin and short fingers can wear slender or narrow-width wedding bands because they create a length illusion.

Women frequently opt to match the profile of their wedding band to the profile of their engagement ring. Men typically select their profile based on their personal preferences, and the shape best fits their hands, although this is not always the case.

5.    Consider Your Lifestyle

Do you spend your entire day at a desk or work in the field? The answer to this question may assist you in deciding on the type of wedding band to purchase. Consider how you live to determine which metal is best for you. Buy a ring that suits your lifestyle so you don’t have to worry about it daily.

Tungsten is a good metal for persons who work in the field a lot since it doesn’t scratch as easily as other metals. Titanium is also a fantastic choice for a wedding band because it does not bend or scratch as quickly as other metals. If you live an active lifestyle yet want to sparkle, consider a wedding band with channel set gemstones. For instance, moonstone or quartz are great choices for their natural aesthetic appeal, symbolizing tranquility, good health, and vitality.

6.      Determine The Ring’s Maintenance Requirement

It’s also crucial to consider the maintenance requirement of the wedding ring you’ll be choosing. One of the biggest problems with sterling silver is gradual tarnishing. This chemical reaction is inevitable, as the metal interacts with the substance on your skin. But regular cleaning can help bring back its shine. Wedding rings acquire marks and scratches over time. You may also encounter burnish marks that are caused by precious metals rubbing against an object harder than themselves.

A wedding ring’s maintenance requirement determines the care measures you need to dedicate to maintain the jewelry’s good condition. Hence, it’s important to choose a ring you can manage to take care of for a long time.


When shopping for a wedding ring, take your time. When you have a question, seek assistance. The guide above can help you and your partner find the perfect wedding rings that will last a lifetime. Don’t rush your decisions and carefully select the bands that fit your taste. Keep in mind that you will be wearing this piece of jewelry for the rest of your life.

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