About us

OhBestDayEver is your new go-to resource for all things Engagements and Weddings. We’ve created OhBestDayEver as a resource where couples can plan their special day, find vendors and keep track of their budget! OhBestDayEver is the perfect place for making your dream day come true!

The wedding process can be intimidating. Personally, I know it is. This is what led us to create
OhBestDayEver, an easy-to-follow resource where anyone can feel comfortable in creating their
wedding celebration a reality with minimal fuss.

OhBestDayEver’s main purpose is to allow everyone to get passionate about their special day. With
regular updates of our content, we not only provide our readers an abundance of wedding ideas and
vendor listings, but with the latest in wedding and bridal fashion and accessories as well. We have a
wide variety of ideas and bridal vendor listings perfect for all budgets so you can start off with some
great initial steps.

We also supply our readers with the best of the best when it comes to information around your
wedding day and how best to plan it. There’s a lot of information out there so we’ve done the work
for you and consolidated all the information highlighting the best to save you time and of course,
save you money.

We encourage you to explore, to ask questions, and to try something new at OhBestDayEver! We
are all about exploration when it comes to weddings and engagements as we believe that is truly the
best way to create the most special day of your life come true.