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For over 30 years, Valencienne has been making wedding gowns. Every item that leaves our store is meticulously handcrafted. Come see us today and let us help you find your dream wedding gown! With 30 years of experience “marrying dreams with the dreamers,” Kim, the owner and chief designer, takes pride in providing impeccable detailing.

We are the creators and makers of Toronto’s most wanted custom gowns.  We’re known for our couture designs, unparalleled service, and exquisite fabrics. We want to meet you, motivate you, and create something amazing for you, all while keeping one goal in mind. We’ve had the privilege of working on a host of curated styled shoots with some of the finest in Toronto’s wedding industry for many years. WedLuxe Magazine and the Elegant Wedding Magazine have also featured us.

 Valencienne Story

You’re panicked as you race through the streets of Toronto, verifying the time. The Uber took a wrong turn, and despite the fact that you left plenty of time through your hectic day to make it, you’re worried you’ll be late.

Anxiety sets in, and with a throbbing brain, you search for an Advil and a chocolate bar from your purse’s emergency stash. What’s the deal with this being so difficult? How many of these bridal shops would I go to? You continue to ponder. Squeezing into dresses that I don’t like or that don’t fit properly, hearing the saleslady scream, ‘You look so amazing!’ without sincerity. ‘Are you going to say yes to the gown?’

As you push open the glass doors, delicate bells chime, and a lovely perfume wafts towards you – it’s a blend of citrus and lilies, and it immediately relaxes you. You walk on, overwhelmed by the nature and craftsmanship of the billowing silk dresses that line the walls, towards the center of this lovely space.

You’re surrounded by the perfect embroideries of flowing French lace and the gleam of beautifully beaded bodices. Your migraine is almost gone, replaced by dreams of Christian Dior himself walking out to welcome you. Your new peace is thanks to the swirls of soft silk fabrics spread over fine French furniture.


As the dress you’ve been longing for has majestically emerged, Kim glances over and sees your face in wonder. She announces with the assurance of a true fashion designer, this is where your quest ends and our journey making your dream dress starts.

You absolutely can’t wait for the next meeting, so you check your calendar.

You’ve found your peace, you’ve found encouragement on your journey.  And now, you’ve found the dress you’ll elegantly slip into the dawn of the day you’ll marry your companion.

And with that, you’ve become a Valencienne bride. Are you ready for the once-in-a-lifetime thrill of wearing a bespoke haute couture gown that has been painstakingly created?

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