Imperial Pearl Co. 1940’s Cornucopia Brooch, Gold Vermeiled Sterling, Genuine Japanese Cultured Pearls, Signed Marslieu Sterling


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1940’s Marslieu Cornucopia Brooch in Gold plated Sterling & Japanese cultured Pearls signed Marslieu Sterling Signed: Marslieu Sterling in rectangular cartouche. Manufacturer: Imperial Pearl Co. Design attributed to Frederick J Pearsal of the 1940’s The Brooch: This is a quality piece of jewellery manufactured by the Imperial Pearl Co. in the 1940’s & reflects the quality lineage of this company who still manufactures quality Pearl jewellery in Rhode Island to this day. in the 40’s materials used were genuine Japanese Cultured Pearls & Sterling Silver with heavy gold plating or vermeiling. The brooch styled in the shape of a Cornucopia made of Sterling Silver is heavily Gilded & ‘overflowing’ with Genuine cultured Japanese Pearls, which the company used heavily in this period until in later ownership they moved in to simulated pearls. Brand marked in a cartouche on the back Marslieu Sterling, the brooch’s gold plating & pearls are in excellent condition to this day. The brooch is very uncommon, highly collectable & wearable piece. References: The Imperial Pearl Co. patented some of their items from 1946 to 1947 (Reference & attributed design to Frederick J. Pearsal, Imperial Pearl Co. Providence, Rhode Island. Reference also American Costume Jewelry by Brunialti, pp. 22 &226. & D. Rainwater’s American Jewelry Manufacturers, p 128 ref; Marslieu brand mark of the Imperial Pearl Co. Company History (Summary as near as possible of its 121 year history) IMPERIAL PEARL founded by Joseph Gladstone in 1917 Marks: IPS, Courtesy, Glitz, Glitter Boutique, Marslieu, Marslieu Sterling Pat.Pend Renamed Imperial Pearl Syndicate in 1941. Sold to Sidney Weiss in 1969, Sold to Waltham Watch Co. in 1971. Sold to The Bazar Group in 1977. Merger in June 1995 of Imperial Pearl Syndicate with Pearls by Deltah, Inc. formed Imperial-Deltah, Inc. The Imperial Pearl Co was founded by Joseph Gladstone in 1917, later in 1941 the company was renamed the Imperial Pearl Syndicate. It was during the post-war period that Imperial became the first to bring the valued Akoya pearls to the United States from Japan. A unique marketing campaign helped to establish brand recognition throughout the 1940’s & 1950’s including the brands IPS, Courtesy, Glitz, Glitter Boutique, Marslieu Sterling & Marslieu Sterling Pat.Pend. Marslieu Sterling was one of their high end brands usually heavily Gold Vermeil plated. Gladstone sold the company to Sidney Weiss in 1969, who then sold it to the Waltham Watch Company in 1971. During Waltham’s ownership, Imperial virtually abandoned its cultured pearl business & diversified into simulated pearls & gold-filled jewelry. Concurrently a competitor company Deltah was heavily into the Pearl Jewellery market tracing its history back to 1892, when it was established by M.J. Karpeles. Deltah is the nation’s oldest firm specialising in fine cultured pearl jewellery. Deltah, which later expanded into manufacturing simulated pearls. Tevia,