2.4Tcw Greenish Yellow Oval Sphenes


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Item Code: GE01096 Weight: 2.4ct Quantity: 2 Gem Type: Sphene Clarity: SI1, SI1 Colour: Greenish Yellow Size: 7.3×5.4×4.2mm 7.3×5.3×3.3mm Shape: Oval Cut: Mixed Hardness: 5.5 Mohs Scale Origin: Madagascar Treatment: Untreated Certificate: Not Included Sphene refers to a very rare calcium titanium silicate. The stone has one of the highest dispersions compared to any mineral. Sphene is pleochroic: meaning that a substance appears in different colors depending on which angle it is viewed. Hence, Sphene displays more than one color. The gemstone is mostly used for earrings, brooches & pendants for its fragility & softness. The colors of Sphene range from yellow, green, orange, brown to the much rarer red & pink. Sphene is believed to help with mental issues, financial problems & to boost creativity. Primary sources for Sphene are Mexico, Canada & Madagascar. 2.4Tcw Greenish Yellow Oval Sphenes