20x Plant Fixture Clip Climbing Wall Self Adhesive Tied Vine Buckle Hook


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Features: 1. Extraordinary Plant Clips Can Help Your Plant to Take Off in the Set Directions – Offering a simple solution to solve the problem of climbing wall plants or cables that were getting out of hand. Also provides a better solution than ordinary plant clips, wooden stakes, or other plant supporting tools. 2. Blending in with the Plants’ Leaves – They are not afraid of rain & corrosion, makes your plant face sunlight. You can use it for outdoor or indoor plants. Suitable for small & medium-size plants, such as orchids, tomato support, green dill, Creeper, ivy, seedlings. Not suitable for large plants. 3. The cute green leaf shape plant clips are made of environmentally friendly, safe, & degradable material, giving plant support & fix while not harming plants. 4. High-Viscosity Adhesive, Not Easy to Fall off – The adhesive is also cut into leaf shapes. Before use, glue the back to the plant clip. It can be firmly glued to the wall, visually these plant clips can be integrated with green plants. It is ‘invisible’ but beautiful. 5. Easy installation – Installation is simple & does not even require any tools. Use your fingers to gently open the plant clips, put the vines of the plant into the clip, buckle it, & stick the plant fixture clips on the wall. 20x Plant Fixture Clip Climbing Wall Self Adhesive Tied Vine Buckle Hook