4.24 Tw Cushion Old Mine Cut Colorless Moissanite Ring, Vintage Style Halo Engagement Cathedral Setting, Wedding Ring For Her


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4.24 TW Cushion Old Mine Cut Colorless Moissanite Ring, Vintage Style Halo Ring, Engagement Ring, Cathedral Setting, Wedding Ring for Her, Mine Moissanite Ring, Anniversary Ring, Anniversary Gift for Her, Moissanite Engagement Ring, Handmade Ring, Vintage Wedding Ring, Anniversary Ring, Cushion Moissanite Ring, Christmas Gift The stones in the ring are cut & polished by our craftsmen & the ring is then handmade by our artist. All diamonds or stones used by us are conflict-free. They are pure moissanite & are not treated to enhance color or clarity. You can view the complete video of this beautiful ring on Youtube please click on the link below: https://youtu.be/3iUsTS8f-lQ Description of Ring: Center Stone Details Shape: Cushion Old Mine Cut Weight: 3.31 CT Color: Colorless Clarity: VVS Measurements: 12.0 x 7.0 x 4.90 MM Make: Excellent Side Stones Details Shape: Round Cut Weight: 0.93 TCW Color: Colorless Clarity: VVS Measurements: 1.60 MM & 2 MM Make: Excellent Metal Details: Display Ring is made in 14K White Gold. We can also make this band using 9KT, 10KT, 14KT & 18KT gold. We can also make it using any other metal like Platinum & 925 or 935 Sterling Silver. You can also choose any metal tone like Yellow gold, Rose gold & White gold. Hello Viewers, All the images uploaded above are the reference only, they are the images from the past work, If we have the order we will make the jewelry for you which will be similar to images uploaded. MOISSANITE vs DIAMOND Moissanite maintain their clarity & sparkle throughout a lifetime just like a Diamond Moissanite are actually more brilliant (sparkly) than Diamonds with a 2.65 refractive index – Diamonds are 2.42 Moissanite is less likely to attract grease or dirt than a diamond & should keep the ‘sparkle’ longer in between cleanings. Moissanite have a hardness of 9.25 & diamonds have 10 on the MOHS scale moissanite are extremely durable. Due to their extremely similar properties, Moissanite are often & commonly mistaken for Diamonds Why buy a Moissanite? Moissanite is one of the rarest minerals on earth, so we have recreated moissanite in a lab & crafted them so well by our expert craftsman to give them beauty & brilliance. Moissanite is an eco-product & is conflict-free & free from all biases. We prioritize environmental & ethical responsibility in the creation of our moissanite. The beauty & premium quality of our gems, paired with our commitment to our principles, makes Forever One moissanite a superior & sustainable. There is no age of moissanite, its luster, & brilliance last forever, & ever, it very tough & can’t be broken. Moissanite is budget-friendly & is available at a very low price compare to natural diamonds. We happily accept customized or personalized order: We are always happy to receive customized or personalized orders on any occasion like Valentine’s Day, Engagement ceremony, Wedding ceremony, Anniversary, or any other occasion. I & my team always aim to achieve 100% customer