Antique Mutton Fat Jade Inlaid Gold Silver Bangle Bracelet Qing Dynasty Chinese White Wedding Anniversary


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Here we have a Museum Quality antique 17th Century or earlier Mutton Fat Nephrite Jade bangle inlaid in a lotus pond design in pure gold & silver. The inlaid design shows a lotus pond. There are lotus flowers, lotus roots, water, birds including ducks, fish, lotus buds & leaves which cover the entire outer surface of the fine jade. The design is lively, beautiful & fun you can see the movement & freshness of the pond & really imagine & feel how alive the moment is that is captured forever in this exceptional jewel. It is decorated in both pure gold & silver – the precious metal elaborately set into the gem quality white nephrite jade. This work is similar to engraving a gemstone & incredibly difficult to accomplish with the further inlay of precious metal. The details are almost miraculously fine. It is for a small wrist with the inside circumference measuring 7″ & a diameter of just 2 1/4″ approximately. It sits approximately 5/8″ wide along the arm (178mm, 58mm, 16mm) This is a genuinely antique bangle. There is some loss here & there over the centuries to the inlaid wire. The design is crisp & clear throughout. There are some natural inclusions in the fine white nephrite in one place these have been incorporated beautifully in a lotus root & they can be seen as darker areas or more opaque whiter areas almost like clouds in the sky inside the bangle. The translucency of the mutton fat white jade is truly exceptional. It is in beautiful condition for it’s age & authenticity & is ready to gift or to wear. We will ship in a presentation box for safe keeping & ready for gifting. An Appraisal Report is included with your purchase. We ship worldwide. The photos form part of the description. Like all colored stones there is a color variation that occurs in different lighting conditions both inside but also outside, even the time of day can make the color of a stone appear a little different. We do our best to show colors as we see them. Color perception is highly individual & some people can perceive more colors than others, also colors can appear somewhat different on different screens & devices due to variations in screen hardware & device display settings. Antique Mutton Fat Jade Inlaid Gold Silver Bangle Bracelet Qing Dynasty Chinese White Wedding Anniversary