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Please note: I have received requests to send finished gardens outside Australia. Unfortunately quarantine restrictions do not allow for me to send plants. However I can send kits with detailed instructions anywhere 🙂 …. so you can make your own wall art. As an artist, I am loving working with the colours & textures of succulents. I am happy to create a unique living picture just for you. YOUR LIVING PICTURE The living picture you receive will be a unique design. No two are the same. Your picture will be 30cms square with plants nestled with care into soil & spagnum moss in a black metal planter. The planter has a grid which helps keep the succulents in place. The succulent roots also provide the support needed to enable the picture to be displayed on your wall. There is a hook on the back. The black frame provides a wonderful setting to show off the colours of the succulents. This really is a work of art with stunning designs, colour & texture. CARING FOR YOUR GARDEN You will receive care instructions with your living picture. As the plants grow, you may trim them back & plant the offcuts. You may hang your picture either inside in a well lit area, or outside in a sheltered position. Just water once a week with a water spray. Although you may need to water more frequently in very hot weather, remember that succulents do not like too much water. As this product contains soil, it cannot be sent to Tasmania, WA or NT I use ExPRESS POST for all products. Q&A I have received lots of questions so I shall answer the main ones here in a Q&A 1. Are they real? – Yes these are living succulents. 2. Do you grow them? – in the future I hope to grow all of the succulents I use in the gardens. At present I am unable to keep up with the demand so I buy bulk supplies of some succulents whilst growing ground covers in particular. 3. How many plants in each vertical garden? – It is amazing that there are so many in a 30cms square. Each garden contains between 40 & 60 living growing plants. 4. How do you make the garden? – For me, the key is to use a pair of long nose tweezers. This allows me to create the fine mass plantings required to cover the grid underneath. 5. How long does it take to make a garden? – Some seem to evolve quickly whilst others take ages to create. Certainly each one takes more than an hour to make & then around 2 months for the roots to embed themselves & support the garden once it is hung on the wall. 6. How do we look after our garden? – The secret is not to give them too much water. Just spray when the soil is dry. 7. What do I do if the plants grow too big? – Snip off the extra growth, let it form a callus over about 3 days, then plant & create a new plant. It is that simple. 8. How do you wrap & post each garden? – I use wood wool to protect the plants & pack the garden in a large box. It will travel well. Please ask if I have not answered your questions. I would love to hear from you. Art Of Succulents, Living Picture, Vertical