Bee Scarf Ring, Gifts, Handmade, in Fine Pewter, By William Sturt


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Hand Cast Pewter By buying hand cast pewter you are helping protect one of the rarest & oldest rural heritage crafts – dating back to the bronze age. We are now one of only a handful of pewterers left & all our pewter is made by hand using traditional methods which haven’t changed in centuries. Pewter Pewter has a wonderful deep glow & is heavier than expected in your hand. William has been working with pewter for 25 years & everything he makes is guaranteed for life. We use the finest Britannia Pewter which won’t cause an allergic reaction. It doesn’t contain lead or nickel & doesn’t flake, rust or tarnish, because we never use chemicals on it. If you need to clean pewter, use detergent or soap & rub it with a soft cloth, rinsing & drying afterwards. Crafting William starts by carving a master from which he constructs a silicon mold using a vulcanizer to heat silicon until it becomes liquid & envelopes the master. On cooling a perfect replica of the master is made embedded in the silicon. To create further pieces air ducts are carefully cut into the silicon – these allow the air to escape as molten pewter enters the mold. The positioning of these vents is crucial to the success of the mold & they can take several hours to get right. Pewter is hand ladled into completed molds to create new pieces which are left to cool before being cleaned up & polished ready for soldering or drilling. Delivery We don’t charge for delivery & we try to ship every order within 24 hours of receiving it. Bee Scarf Ring, Gifts, Handmade, in Fine Pewter, By William Sturt