Blue & Gold Resin Tree Stump Centrepiece – Blue Artwork


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This is an iron bark tree ring stump, the artwork has been done with resin coloured with resin pigments (blue & gold) & I have then added gold line work with a gold leafing pen over the resin & given the piece a final clear resin layer to seal the artwork. I found the piece of wood at a recycled timber workshop in Toowoomba & fell in love with it. Dimensions of this piece: the piece of timber is not a perfect circle (I prefer random shapes rather than perfect dimensions), it is approximately 33cm x 30cm, & 8.5cmH. It would look great with a vase of flowers, or a candle, or perhaps in the bathroom used as a platform to display your beautiful bathroom products. The sides are not resined, I have sanded the sides off after finishing the artwork & applied a beeswax polish to the timber. Resin sets as a hard glass-like surface which is very resilient, however it will scratch so no sharp or abrasive items should be placed on it. The piece comes with full care & cleaning instructions. Blue & Gold Resin Tree Stump Centrepiece – Blue Artwork