Bubbling Ruby & Champagne Diamond Ring | Wedding Band Handmade Made To Order


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This beautiful, solid 18ct. Yellow Gold ring boasts a 3.5 mm round cut Ruby which sits adjacent to a 2.2mm Champagne Diamond. The stones are secured in place through a contemporary tension setting. The negative space, asymmetrical composition & modern lines give this ring a chic & contemporary quality. Please contact me if you would like to substitute the Diamonds & Ruby for any other gemstones. Specifications: 1 x 3.5mm Round Brilliant Cut Ruby 1 x 2.2mm Round Brilliant Cut Champagne Diamond If you wish to have any variation or you have any questions I would be extremely happy to help you & you are more than welcome to contact me via email (info@yossi.com.au) or call me (+61 3 9939 6262) so that I can offer guidance. The stones are hand-picked by me to ensure a high quality in cut, color, clarity, carat & polish. Due to the hand made nature of this jewellery, the final piece may differ slightly to the item pictured above. This is a natural consequence of handmade jewellery, & it is these variations that are what make each piece so unique & beautiful. It also means, if you wish to make any changes to the pictured item – whether it be the type of metal, stone, size or shape, we can happily do this for you. Simply get in touch with any questions or ideas you have. If you have a desired piece you would like created or gemstone you would like to reset, let me fashion it into reality for you. For custom pieces, please check your correct ring size before ordering. Jewellery stores are everywhere & they are happy to help determine your finger size. I suggest getting two opinions to ensure greater accuracy. For Ring sizes, I use the UK Alphabet system & almost all sizes (and half sizes) are available. If the requested Ring Size is greater than Q, an extra charge will be incurred to cover the extra use of material. A quote will be issued in this situation. Please follow this link for assistance in measuring your finger size Bubbling Ruby & Champagne Diamond Ring | Wedding Band Handmade Made To Order