Bundle Of Two Vintage Baby Girl Items 0-1 Stretch Terry Towelling Overalls Romper Plus Quilted Jumpsuit With Feet 60S/70S Darling


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TO DIE FOR bundle of two very vintage jumpsuits rompers overalls: a stretch terry towelling romper, bib & brace style, with cross-over straps; & a quilted jumpsuit kicker romper to wrap baby up warm & snug indoors or outdoors, in her pram, or even the snow! (not waterproof or down-filled, mind; just a lovely warm item for Miss to wear over her other bits n bobs). Three things I love, in clothing, like life itself, all in the one bundle: vintage; terry towelling; quilted fabric. Ohhh I just wish one of my baby girls could’ve donned these… First to sizing: I’m listing these as Aus baby girls’/toddler’s size one, or to fit sizes 0 to 1, even though neither of these beauties are tagged as size 0 or 1. Having raised (& so dressed!) five kidliwinks of my own & looked after everyone else’s bubbas & armed with decades of experience of vintage sizing estimation/equivalence to my name, I’m pretty good at being able to gauge the size of an item just from looking at it. So I am fairly confident that both these darling duds will fit an average baby girl who generally takes sizes 0 to 1. These sizes can vary enormously, of course: you can have three to six month olds who already fit size 0. & 3 year olds who still fit into a size 1. But by & large, sizes 0 to 1 cover ages six-to-nine months up to 12-to-18 months. Your baby girl will swim in the clothes first, then be popping out of them in no time…but if you love her clothes, you will be so reluctant to see her grow out of them & have to pack them away:) So obviously, I cannot guarantee a sure fit. Vintage sizing is much, much smaller than modern-day sizing. For the record, the quilted winter/snow/ski/outdoors/sleep suit is tagged as size 0 but sizes, in my opinion, on the generous side. It’s meant to, so that you can fit a singlet, nappy, tights, wondersuit or whatever layers she’s in, underneath. Even so, it’s a good size for a 0. The terry towelling romper is tagged as a size 2 but is TINY. Even for vintage sizing. Definitely no bigger than a zero to 1, even with the stretch (though a tiny size 2 might be able to juuuuust squeeze into it). Please use your discretion with the sizing though, please, as I do not accept returns or refunds; thank you:) So to the details: the stretch terry romper makes me so clucky I wish I had a baby to put in it! The fabric is still PERFECT, no significant pilling or hardening or wear & no perishing of the elasticity (of the fabric itself). Elastic at waist is probably looser than it once was, but still perfectly intact & useable. Even tag looks unused, so my guess is this beauty was either never worn or worn only minimally. I bought it for one of my daughters but had packed it away so securely I forgot we even had it, so she never got to wear it, more’s the pity. The pattern is of flowers, chickens & mice (I think). Cross-over straps button up on the bib. Check out the super-vintage Kmart tag! The quilted jumpsuit is by Lyn Maid International. It has footsies – see pic