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COLLECTION PACK – Introduction to the wonderful world of fluorite crystals This Pack features seven fluorite specimens that showcase the diverse range of colours & crystal form that characterise fluorite. They are all from Chinese localities mainly in Hunan Province & Inner Mongolia. There are three cabinet size & 4 miniature size pieces – a great introductory level Pack for new collectors. 1. Deep purple fluorite octahedra on a matrix of white quartz & calcite. Fluorite crystallises in the cubic system & forms cubes & octahedra (sometimes in combination). This is a perfect example of intergrown octahedra which is the less common crystal form. 137 grams. Cabinet size. 2. Showy block of smoky quartz crystals hosting numerous pale blue fluorite cubes some of which are partially frosted. Makes an excellent centrepiece for the collection. 304 grams. Cabinet size 3. Superb cabinet size piece featuring highly translucent pale green fluorite cubes on a matrix of white quartz crystals. This is top quality fluorite which is set off by the white matrix. Visually very striking & unusual. 125 grams. Cabinet size. 4 & 5. Green & purple fluorite octahedra. Technically these are not crystals they are cleavage fragments. Fluorite has a very strong cleavage (preferential breakage plane) in the octahedral form. It is possible to take a large block of fluorite from a single crystal & break it into smaller octahedra. This is not easy to do & it takes great skill to produce perfect octahedra – I have tried myself & failed! When you get it right it produces striking sculptural forms like these. 42 grams. Miniature size. 6. Miniature size highly translucent pale purple fluorite. This shows a combination of octahedral & cubic forms which produces some really interesting complex crystals (see photo 3). The dominant form are octahedra which have had their tips truncated by cubic faces. A mini version of a mineralogy textbook! Miniature size. 48 grams. 7. Blue fluorite showing perfect cubic form. 33 grams. Miniature size. ADD 30x HAND LENS TO ExAMINE FINE DETAIL (see Collection Pack listing) About Collection Packs Collection Packs are a new initiative of MineraliumStore designed to bring the joys of mineral collecting to as many people as possible in the most cost-effective way possible. They represent carefully curated sets of minerals representing specific themes & levels of collecting interest. This ranges from starter packs suitable for young & young at heart new collectors; to theme packs showcasing specific mineral species; to packs that represent specific geological environments like oxidation zone minerals; to packs that showcase display features such as color or crystal form. Many provide entry level introduction to mineral collecting classics but also can include some less well known & more specialist collectible minerals. Packs typically contain between 3 to 10 mineral specimen’s mostly cabinet size with some smaller pieces. They have been designed to be