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You want to decorate your home or office & make it look completely unique. & everyone who saw it could not help but admire the work of art you chose & wanted to design it yourself. Then you see something that will satisfy all your cherished desires. Hang it outside your office building so customers & passers-by know how motivated you & your employees are? Or do you hang it up in your HQ lobby to remind the whole team of your goal every time they pass by? When work is boring, dry, & you’re exhausted by the end of the day, this sign is just the must-see sign to energize you with a refreshing light. If you would like to add more customization to your product, please feel free to contact us Features: – > Our neon signs are durable. > Neon signs are safe to handle. > Neon signs are available in multiple colors & fonts. > Neon signs are long-lasting & consume little power. > Neon signs can light up a whole room because they are super illuminating. Package Includes: – > 1Neon Sign > Appropriate power adapter & plug with switch. Customization: – Text: Size: Font: Color: Acrylic Shape Shipping – Your product is made specifically to order & will be shipped to your address in 2-3 weeks. Shipping Options – We dispatch our deliveries through the best available methods! Our facilities promise to get the product to you using the safest & most efficient means! Contact us for further details! Custom Neon Sign | Customized Signs Wedding Personalized Decor