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Material: Acrylic decor neon signage Epic Neon was created with the goal of saving time & money by producing neon in a trendy, broad-reaching, & easy-to-maintain form. We’ll work quickly to create a stunning SMD neon sign that you can have put within 48 hours of your approval. Our neon boxes are the largest in town, therefore they affect the size of your address. Overall, we are concerned about your emotions & make every effort to communicate with you. Our neon ad declaration will calculate the passage of time & send it to your front door if you request it. To mention a few, we have 3D acrylic lights, 3D LED signage, office & exhibition area signs, outdoor advertising, & 3D metal lighting in our product catalogue. We offer eight brilliant neon colours (red, white, orange, dazzling blue, pink, green, icy blue, & purple) in response to your preferences to help your space’s energy. I’ve come to help you. You can get a sense of its size from the image we provided. We’re here to help you get more creative & get some traction for your ideas. Send us an email using the form on this page if you’d like it right now. You’ll be given a crucial case to investigate. The aesthetic of your office will be elevated with our elegant & forgiving neon signage. They can be used to adorn your adolescent’s room, to finish social events such as weddings & office signage, & to stimulate creative thinking. Material & Guarantee: Our eye-catching neons are totally handcrafted, ensuring that the item’s excellent quality is maintained. We value our characteristics since they influence the quality of our job. If you make a forecast, you will never be disappointed. Whats included? Our neon comes with a 5 metre clear power cable, a power bank with practically perfect dimming control, & a low-energy power connector. More details: We’ll pick it up 45 days after the offering ends & get it delivered in 10 to 15 business days. Custom Neon Sign | Wedding Gifts Signs Personalized Bar Wall Decor