Custom Neon Sign Wedding/Light


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❤️ Please contact us for your customized design & sign. Prices will vary for the features you choose.Writing to us before ordering will speed up the ordering process.❤️ ✉ Contact Us To Take a Quote ✉ The flex LED neon sign is suitable for wedding ,birthday, office & home decoration, coffee shop, barber shop, etc. All neon signs in our special collections are expertly handmade, so each piece is the highest quality & unique. Specification our products are as follows: 50 000 hours of lifetime. – Non-fragile – unlike glass neon, – CE, UL & ROHS (international safety standard) – Touchable & Low Voltage 12 Volts Transformer for worldwide use. – 1 year warranty. – No buzzing sound – Energy-efficient/eco-friendly FAQ What are the neon signs made of? Signs are made of flex neon tubes as handmade. After your designs are engraved on acrylic material with laser, these flex led tubes are adhered to these areas. Are the neon signs safe? Unlike conventional glass neons, it is not likely to break. It does not emit an annoying sound to the outside. There will be no dangerous heating. You can use it comfortably in your home, including the rooms where children play. How long will the neon sign last? Lifetime of a huge 50,000 hours. It means it can be used for approximately 5 years What if I have a problem with the neon sign? We take all responsibility until the sign you have ordered is delivered to you in good condition & on time. If you notify us of any problem with the product within 15 days of receiving the product. We will send the new product if missing part replacement is required. Refund is not available as your product is customized for you. What happens if my neon sign arrives damaged? For any possible problems you can face,please inform us. Until your problem is solved,we will do what is needed. Where are you based? We are in Florida to provide you with a fast & safe service. We provide all design, customer service, & service if the product you choose is glass neon. If your order is a Flex Neon product, we get support from our partner in China & ship the product from there. You can find information about our partner on our shop page. The delivery date will be indicated to you at the time of order & there will be no delay in this date. Custom Neon Sign Wedding/Light