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Material: Acrylic decor neon signage Epic Neon is designed to save time & money by creating neon in a great style with unobtrusive reach & good management capabilities. We will blow your time away & deliver an incredible SMD neon sign that can be performed for you within 48 hours after your approval is confirmed. Our neon workstations offer the best in your city, which affects the size of your address. Overall, we value your feelings & most of the time try to contact you. Our neon ad declaration calculates the passage of time & can be passed immediately to your front door if you request it. Spectacular 3D acrylic lights, 3D LED signs, office & exhibition area signs, outdoor advertising & 3D metal lights are important to our range. We respond to your choice by providing eight vibrant shades of neon (red, white, orange, extraordinary blue, pink, green, ice blue, purple) to help the energy of your space. I’m here for you. The picture we presented should hint at its size. We are here to help your imagination & really benefit your thoughts. If you would like to request it now, please contact us by email from this website. We will send you an important case. Our sophisticated & merciful neon signs give your office the perfect look. You can use them to decorate your adolescent’s room, complete social events such as weddings & office signage, & stimulate your creative thinking. Materials & Guarantee: Our amazing Neons are made entirely by hand, ensuring that the item’s quality remains untouched. Our characteristics are significant to us since they contribute to the quality of our work. If you make a presupposition, you will never be disappointed. What is included? Our neon is placed on a reasonable acrylic back board, comes with a 5 metre clear electrical line, & includes a power bank with a nearly unbelievable dimming control & a power connector that uses less energy. Further details: Following the offering, we will collect it in 5 days & deliver it in 10 business days. Customized Neon Sign L Led Signs Lights | Sign Wedding