Dove Wedding Cake Topper Rustic Decor Custom Cake Topper Love Birds Tree


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If you like that rustic wedding style, you just found your tree wedding cake topper for your special day. This little pair of love birds is standing above a sculptured tree, handmade from stoneware clay & glazed in a color of your choice. The heart on the tree is stamped with your initials. Suitable for use as a wedding cake topper, as a small decorative piece for any other purpose & will remain as a souvenir from your wedding. You can also give it as a special anniversary gift for your loved ones. When you choose one of my cake toppers you are getting: A cake Topper that was specially designed for you. A personalized cake topper with your initials. A ceramic hand made cake topper that lasts forever. The cake topper’s colors will stay in the same shades & will shine forever. A cake topper by your wedding’s theme. A cake topper whice is inspired by nature. A cake topper that is one of a kind, there will never be another identical Cake Topper like yours! Add unique touches to your wedding day & own a personalized wedding cake topper that will last forever. It’s your special day & I want to give you some special personalized gifts. When you order this customized wedding cake topper you will receive 2 free gifts: 1. Personalized heart with your initials to attach to your bridal bouquet. After the wedding it will be amazing on the Christmas tree. Valued $15. You can see a sample in the following link: 2. Personalized miniature house with your initials, so cute as a symbol of your new life together. Valued of $15. you can see a sample in the following link: It measures approx. 3.5″ wide by 4.5″ high. “This cake topper was my favorite decoration at our wedding!! I couldn’t have asked for anything more, & now it is on our TV stand to see every day :)” When you order this customize love birds please include the following details: 1. Your initials 2. Glaze color for the birds. 3. Your wedding date. Due to the ceramic firing process please allow up to 21days for creating your special birds. For more wedding cake toppers visit Dove Wedding Cake Topper Rustic Decor Custom Cake Topper Love Birds Tree