Elven Tungsten Ring | 8mm, Wedding Rings, Hypoallergenic, Gold Ring, Geeky For Him


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Stunning & intricate in design these rings feature the famous Elvish words from the movie engraved both on the inside & outside. These stunning high quality Tungsten Rings are perfect for your wedding, or just as a geeky gift for someone who loves the movies! They really are stunning in design. Tungsten is extremely durable with a strength comparable to that of diamond. They are perfect for a wedding band as they do not need regular polishing as they don’t loose their shine. They also remain sparkling & brilliant for longer in contrast with other jewelry. Since tungsten rings normally stay shiny for longer periods, most people choose them for bridal rings since they represent devotion & lasting love. They are highly durable & they don’t bend easily like products produced from other materials. Tungsten rings also boast of a high tolerance to tarnish. They also cannot be easily scratched. That is why tungsten products are great for people in professions that demand the use of hands for handling tools that may cause harm to rings made from silver, platinum & gold. Another vital benefit linked to using tungsten rings is that they are hypoallergenic in nature & are great for individuals with highly sensitive skin. Such people usually experience allergies following putting on jewelry made from other metals. A great idea for matching wedding bands, we have various sizes available to ensure the perfect fit. Reach out with your specific needs & we can happily accommodate them for you. The rings are sized with a 8mm width but we have other options available, including different colours – reach out if you have specific needs! Each ring comes beautifully packaged in a gorgeous ring box, accompanied with a cloth & also a silver chain for wearing around your neck. Elven Tungsten Ring | 8mm, Wedding Rings, Hypoallergenic, Gold Ring, Geeky For Him