Engraving Cufflinks For Wedding With Initials Or Date. Personalized Wooden Cuff Links Groom


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We present to you our new custom personalized wood cufflinks made of bog oak from Russia & brushed aluminum. Very bright & stylish wooden cufflinks of brown color. This exclusive! The most popular wood cufflinks from our collection! Bog oak is a unique material from Russia. Ordinary oak after entering the river can be stored in water for hundreds & thousands of years! . Over the years, the wood darkens & acquires a noble dark color. This oak tree has been in water for more than 1200 years! We can apply laser engraving on the surface of our cuff links. The last photo contains examples of fonts for engraving. You can also put any initials, symbol, names or logos. Please write in the comments to the order what you need to apply & what fonts! These are very popular wedding cufflinks. We can put the names of the newlyweds & the date of the wedding on cufflinks. We value the quality of our products very much. For maximum protection, the wood is covered with specialized protective oils & wax! Why buy from us? Our cufflinks are of the best quality. We use only high quality fittings. We apply a polymer coating on the back of the cufflinks. This is not done by other manufacturers! Cufflinks with no cover may damage the cuff of the cufflinks because of the sharp parts & simply do not look so beautiful. Gift packaging included! We send cufflinks in a wooden box filled with wooden chips + Kraft paper & wax seal. You can send cufflinks for a gift! Simply enter in the order the address of the recipient of the gift. When ordering, the structure of the wood may differ slightly from the photo Making cufflinks will take from 2 to 7 working days. We will send you a photo after manufacturing for approval! The average delivery time is 15-25 days. I will be happy to send the parcel as soon as possible. Please contact me if you have questions 🙂 Engraving Cufflinks For Wedding With Initials Or Date. Personalized Wooden Cuff Links Groom