Fingerprint Wedding Rings – His & Hers Set 24K Gold Infused/ Matching/Sets Hammered


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Free first class shipping on all items with standard gift box! Free priority shipping on orders over $140 with upgraded gift box! U.S. shipments only These rings are highly personal & completely unique to you with the addition of your supplied fingerprint. These rings are sterling silver with 24k gold infused in a process called Keum boo. Keum boo is an ancient Korean gilding technique which take a lot of practice learning to do correctly. The rings are then oxidized which brings out reds, blues, purples, browns & blacks. Expect wear on high spots to occur which gives these rings a deep/rich & more layered look as the wear. Some people seem to think the sterling silver is turned black. That is not the case. The outside of the ring is darkened. That darkening will wear or scratch off all but the lowest spots. I ship them completely coated then the will wear with time. They will wear a lot at first but then you’ll see all the low areas hold the darkening the high areas wear to the dull sterling underneath. This is the case with anything that has been oxidized. I like to tell people that because some think we magically make the sterling silver a different color. That’s not possible. If it was a different color it would be a different materiel. The gold on the other hand is real gold that is molecularity absorbed in the sterling silver that is solidly embedded & will take good effort to wear that out. You have the option of any width you like up to 8mm, the thickness is always 1.5mm with these. Common widths for men are between 6mm & 8mm but you may choose any width. Common widths for ladies is between 3mm & 4mm but you may choose any width. These come in a linen, bow wrapped gift box. Priority shipping is included with this purchase. As always, if you have questions about customization please ask. We love working with our customers. I can send you a general sheet that can be pasted in a message concerning fingerprints capture & picture attaching. ORDERING: Please provide all information needed such as; ring size(s), desired fingerprint, engravings, & any other personalization in the “Leave a comment for the seller” section when placing your order. Also, if you would like to see more products, please visit Thank you, Jim Fingerprint Wedding Rings – His & Hers Set 24K Gold Infused/ Matching/Sets Hammered