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COIN SHAPE FRESHWATER PEARL & STERLING SILVER EARRINGS This listing is for one (1) pair of freshwater pearl earrings. These earrings are handmade with high quality, grade AA, natural white body colour, 14mm coin freshwater pearls & 925 sterling silver. These earrings measure 3cm (1.1″) in length including hook & 1.4cm (0.55″) in width. Each pair of earrings will come with a free burlap gift pouch. The pearl beads used to make your earrings may vary in size as they are naturally formed. However, I will select beads that are very similar size when making your earrings. I can offer you with great quality genuine gemstone jewellery at a very affordable price through direct source, which does not escalate their value. However, due to their lustre or other physical properties (grading) & rarity, some gemstones have more aesthetic value than others result in their price difference. Freshwater Pearl Information: The pearl bead used in this earring design is a cultured Freshwater Pearl. Cultured Freshwater Pearls are pearls that are farmed & created using freshwater mussels. A Cultured Freshwater Pearl is formed the same way as a natural pearl but the only difference is that it begins with inserting a tissue graft from a donor mussel to irritating the mussel to produce layers of nacre (the pearl!). Where as natural pearls are formed naturally, without human intervention, these pearls are very rare & very expensive. Sterling Silver Information: Sterling silver is comprised of 92.5% pure silver & 7.5% other metals, usually copper. Pure silver is relatively soft, so other metals are combined to increase its hardness & strength. Sterling silver will tarnish over time due to other metals that are combined with pure silver reacting to moisture & sulfur in the air. Tarnished jewellery can be removed with silver jewellery cleaning solution (heavily tarnished) or silver polishing cloth (lightly tarnished). For more genuine gemstone earrings, see the link below.§ion_id=29278986 Shop Homepage: 4-6mm Gemstone Bracelets:§ion_id=29096672 7-8mm Gemstone Bracelet:§ion_id=19978639 9-12mm Gemstone Bracelets:§ion_id=19978639 Gemstone Carvings:§ion_id=29096762 Rough & Tumbled Stones:§ion_id=29110965 Cleansing, Incense & Candle:§ion_id=26571931 Shipping Information: Shipping is from Australia & I ship worldwide. Shipping is free worldwide but there is no tracking. Tracking & rush/express