Fuchsia Circular Scarf. Pink Scarf. Wool Infinity Sport Unisex Women Multipurpose


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❄ Don’t let the cold stop you ❄! Circular scarves, infinity scarves… like the infinite number of things you can do wearing this type of scarf without it getting tangled…. Do you go for a run in the morning & get cold? This style of scarf is perfect for you! Super comfy & warm. 70% wool 30% acrylic You can wear it either for jogging or going to a wedding. Super cute & comfortable! ❥ There are no men’s colors & women’s colors. All scarves & shawls are totally UNISEx. ♡How to care for your suayart scarf?♡ To care for wool shawls & scarves the best thing you can do is… nothing! Like many things in life, less is more. You’ll miss what I’m about to tell you but the best thing you can do to keep your garments looking like new is just not to wash them often. Just air them or if they have any stains, if possible as soon as they occur, wipe them with a damp cloth & wash the specific area. If you feel it is time to give your garment a “good shower”, you can do it by hand in warm water with a splash of soap for delicate garments. Avoid too hot water & avoid rubbing the garment hard. If you are too lazy to wash by hand, don’t worry! You can also use the washing machine without any problem using a specific program for wool garments, or if not, a short cycle & no more than 30 degrees. It is advisable to use a mild soap & avoid using fabric softener. The garments are so soft that it would be superfluous! The tumble dryer is not recommended. It is better not to be impatient & let the weather & time do their job. Avoid twisting the garment & let it dry horizontally. A trick: place a towel underneath to absorb the water. If there is no danger of it flying off, it is better not to use clothespins. Ironing is not necessary, but if by any chance you want to iron the garment do it with the protection of a cloth between the iron & the wool garment & with the temperature low. With these tips your suayart shawls & scarves & any other woolen garment will be almost eternal. With love, Thank you. Sorry, I don’t have pictures of each & every scarf with friendly models. But I assure you that all of them, all the colors, are super super cute. ❋ Instagram: @suay.art Fuchsia Circular Scarf. Pink Scarf. Wool Infinity Sport Unisex Women Multipurpose