Giant Paper Rose Aisle Decor – Feathers & Ribbons Fully Customizable


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Another great idea that I cannot take credit for. Upon seeing the comic book roses, my soon-to-be creative collaborator wrote, wondering if I could make them bigger… Like 10-12 inches in diameter. Naturally, being me, I had to give it a try. The result is impressive. Imagine massive paper roses (in this case made of sheet music) about the size of a small pizza -ribbon & feathers – dolled up, lining the aisle at your wedding. Pretty neat, eh? LOGISTICS: How they work is: massive paper rose. The paper is weather-proofed to a reasonable degree: it’s still paper, so you can’t really use it as a soccer ball or throw it in the punch bowl – without problems. However, moisture, rain, snow, spilled champagne – the rose should be intact & fine. As for the ribbons/attachments: upon seeing the chairs that she would be using at her wedding, I engineered the ribbons to allow for at least two different ways of attaching these roses in a solid, balanced way. Of course, everyone’s is likely to be different, so it would be ideal if you could send me a picture of the chairs/benches/pews/logs your guests will be sitting on. For orders over 10, I’ll send you a sample one so that you can make sure that it sits properly & prettily. PRICING: The price includes approximately the same rose with equivalent ornamentation – ribbons & feather. Or ribbons & jewels. Or glitter. Rhinestones. Whatever. Anything really wacky may cost more, depending on the materials needed. But, generally speaking, the price would be as indicated, per rose. ORDERING/CUSTOMIZATIONS: So, of course, I can make the roses of any variety of paper, colors, decor, sizes etc. As always, I recommend that you click “Request Custom Item” on the main page of my shop & write up the details & customizations that you’d like. For inquiries, just write. I’ll answer promptly. 🙂 Giant Paper Rose Aisle Decor – Feathers & Ribbons Fully Customizable