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Stylish rings with the eternal family symbol of the tree. A tree is a symbol of growth too. This listing for pair of matte rings with gold tree. You can choose fully polished ring, ring with black tree, one ring here: We love simple forms & carefully designed drawing. Inside the tree I made the texture of the bark. Beautiful contrast of white metal & dark drawing, as well as a smooth & textured surface. Ideal as wedding bands for him & her. The width of the rings is 5 mm (0.2 inches). Completely hand work. Each ring is carefully packed in a beautiful box with a ribbon. If the size that you need is not available, please let us know & we will make it to order. Dear customers, please read care instruction before ordering: Care for gemstones: It is advisable to avoid any shocks & scratches, due to which the stone can be damaged. & also I recommend removing jewelry with gemstones before contacting any detergents. Otherwise, the stones can be contaminated. in most cases they can be cleaned with a soft brush. But for opal it is necessary to exclude any contact with detergents because of its ability to absorb chemicals. Contact with chemicals can lead to discoloration. Moreover natural opal absorbs a some amount of moisture, it is not recommended to allow it to dry out excessively (for example by reason of very dry air or strong sunlight). Care for sterling silver: We use standard sterling silver alloy, which contains 92.5% of pure silver, 5,25% of copper & 2,25% of zinc. We do not use any additional additives, including nickel. Copper & zink is added to silver to give hardness because pure silver is too soft for making jewelry. However, you should know that even sterling silver is a relatively soft metal (for example, when compared with steel) & it is subject to mechanical damage. Therefore, I do not recommend exposing it to heavy loads & shocks, as well as contact with other metal objects, otherwise silver may bend or break. If the silver jewelry has darkened, you can use a soft brush or flannel cloth to clean it. Please follow care instructions & your jewelry will please you a long time. But If you have any problems with our jewelry, let me know & I will try to help restore them. Best wishes, SilveryLake team: Anna, Ivan & Helena Gold Tree His & Hers Wedding Bands, Matching Contemporary Rings, Bridal Ring Sets, Marriage Of Life