Growscroll ® Modern Growth Chart/Height | Unique Australian Trademarked Customizable Wood & Canvas Chart


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The Growscroll Growth Chart is an amazing way to record & easily store your family’s growth in a truly beautiful heirloom. It’s a unique Trademarked & Registered Australian design only available from in These Moments. Custom Orders: Please ensure “CustomJob” is selected in the Device Menu & add note on the order to advise us the text to be printed at the top of the Growth Chart ( child’s name, date of birth & location etc.) All custom orders will receive a design image via Etsy message to approve before printing & shipping. Australian Shipping Time : 1-4 Business Days International Shipping Time : 6-12 Business Days ( We Regularly ship to the US & Europe etc ) Growscroll Demonstration Video available in our Etsy Shop About section & on Youtube: Growscroll Groth Chart Story: As parents ourselves we started recording our kid’s heights as soon as they were able to walk, we soon realised how excited our kids were to see if they have grown! We thought wouldn’t it be great to be able to compare our own childhood heights with our children’s, unfortunately we used walls or the back of doors when we were children & no longer have our height information accessible. We instantly knew we wanted a way to capture our children’s growth as a keepsake for them. We also wanted to display our Growth Chart in a main living area so it had to be stylish; off we went on a hunt for a durable & stylish Growth Chart. The best we could find was the wooden ruler type Growth Charts. While these are attractive they also had their problems, they were expensive, hard to hang, prone to bow & not easily stored or transported. This lead to the idea & invention of the Growscroll! The Growscroll Growth Chart is high quality & made to last so you can accurately record & reflect on your children’s growth throughout their childhood. The Growscroll is designed to be a centrepiece of personalized art in your home living spaces, placing your family’s growth on display. If your family moves or you want to store the chart it can easily be rolled up & boxed for storage. Kids grow up so fast! When the time comes that your children have their own families the Growscroll can be handed down for fun height comparisons between generations! The Growscroll Growth Chart is hand drilled, stained, varnished, sealed & assembled in Australia using the highest quality pine & canvas available. We use an Australian made strong high quality canvas that’s also used on outdoor marquees! It also looks great printed! The Growscroll even comes with its own convenient marker holder! No need to worry about losing the marker or keeping it away from the children as the holder is well out of reach. We know parents will just love this Growth Chart; it has ticked all the boxes for us & we cannot wait to share it with like-minded parents around the world. We have registered & certified this design in Australia. All the best from Nathan & Susan here at in These