Heavy Weight Bridal Satin Botanically Printed Large Scarf


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Item description Such a large luxurious scarf made from excess fabric from a wedding gown. The opulent bridal silk is the perfect background for the beautiful colours of botanically printed eucalyptus cinerea, eucalyptus silver princess & rose leaves. The details in this scarf are stunning. It is a large rectangular shape & as well as being worn, it would make a stunning table runner for that special occasion. Size 215cm x 46cm (84.5″ x 46″) About us Sisters Jane & Judy love exploring the amazing world of botanical printing; the many & varied effects that can be created by using various techniques, a variety of foliage & fabrics. We started our journey making silk scarves & now make a large range of uniquely Australian items. We are passionate upcyclers & love finding pre-loved treasures that can be given a new lease of life by botanically printing them. Our local park & beaches are a treasure trove of foliage gifted to us by nature. Our favourite leaf is from Eucalyptus Cinerea hence our name. It prints interesting shades from silver grey to a vibrant red depending on the fabric & technique used. We use a variety of foraged botanicals. Who would believe that weeds, dried grasses from the side of the road & seaweed would create such amazing effects? Have a look in our store for pieces using these Process Foliage is placed on the item to be printed then covered with either a paper or fabric barrier. Sometimes the fabric barrier has been infused with a natural dye to give a gorgeous background colour. Who knew that a by-product of the wine industry, grapeskin extract, would give such glorious purple tones? The item is then tightly rolled & bound then placed in a pot of boiling water for around 90 minutes. It is amazing that such a simple process draws out the colour from the leaves. We can’t wait to open each bundle to see what prints nature has provided. Care Instructions Hand wash in warm water & low ph detergent such as wool wash. Dry in shade Do not bleach or tumble dry. Iron on silk setting. Heavy Weight Bridal Satin Botanically Printed Large Scarf