I Do – Fidget Ring Wedding Band Promise Sterling Silver & Brass Christmas Gift For Her Women Anxiety Spinner


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Stunningly Simple. Silver Band with Brass Spinner. Ideal ring for a unique wedding band or promise ring Can be used as a part of a stacker design Fidget Ring – Anxiety Ring – Spinner Ring – Sterling Silver – Stacker – Wedding Band – Promise Ring Description: 925 Sterling Silver 1 Brass Spinning Ring Designer – Hand Made Spinning Ring Smooth edge design – super comfortable to wear Can be worn as a stacker What is a Spinner Ring? Sometimes called fidget, anxiety or meditation rings. They have outer rings that spin on top of the main ring, providing you with something to twist & play with when you need to keep your hands busy. Spinner Ring Design: Spinner rings have been around for centuries & are adorned all over the world for their beauty & sensory attributes. Often chosen for their beauty & worn for their calming & healing properties. They are widely recognised for their ability to help reduce anxiety as the wearer plays with & spins the outer rings in a repetitive motion. They are also used to help focus during meditation. Aside from these useful functions, they are indeed a stunning ring to wear for their beauty alone & have become a popular fashion accessory. Soul Spin Designs: Soul Spin’s ring collection has been carefully designed & selected for their high quality. All of our rings are hand crafted in 925 Sterling Silver. You will notice that our rings are adorned with many beautiful details in brass & sometimes copper to add interest. Our hand crafted rings may also have smooth, hammered or stamped designs imprinted into the metal for additional beauty & sensory purposes. They are hand made by highly skilled Artisians in India. As such each design may have slight variations which adds to its uniqueness. These are not a mass machine produced product & you will enjoy the difference that makes! The majority of our rings have been designed so they can be worn daily. This means quality weighted silver & smooth edges for comfort. We carry some stock in men’s & children’s sizes. Some designs are able to be worn as stacking rings as well. These will be the rings that have straight edges on them & often narrower bands. Care Instructions: Sterling Silver is a fantastic everyday wear material. It requires little care to stay shiny & beautiful. It can be washed in warm water with a gentle soap if dirty & buffed with our provided jewellery cloth if you want to bring back new shine. Brass is used on some of our designs to add an extra touch of beauty & to go with other gold jewellery effortlessly. Brass can change colour with wear, but can be buffed back to shine with little effort. Copper is used on a few of our designs, often enjoyed by those who like the darker contrast. Please note copper is a metal that changes colour over time. If you do not like this aspect, please choose from our silver & brass ring designs instead. Whilst our rings are designed with quality for everyday wear, please be mindful that extreme temperatures can affect all jewellery