Leather Sandals For Men, Sandals, Handmade Moroccan Leather, Slide Boho Moroccan, Men Sandal


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Handrafted Lovers Hi & welcome to andrafted Lovers modest shop. At Handrafted Lovers we pay attention to all the details; genuine leather,unique designs & customer service. our aim is to earn our customers satisfaction because we are looking for life time customers. quality matters; we make sure to send our customers a high ending finished product. After all we are a bench of artisans & to us art comes before money.Our long experience with tourists from defirent countries who comes to our workshop inspired us to be the best in what we do. our fabric & designs are very comfortable. Today we re going to introduce to you ‘Moroccan babouche for men’s & women’s’ This wonderful Moroccan shoes for men is 100% handmade with genuine leather. No matter what is the occation you will wear it for you will look smart while comfy going to a shopping center, during summer or winter, at the beach, after a spa, indoor, outdoor, at a party…easy fast to wear, just put it on & you are ready to go. matches all type of cloaths / pants : jeans, trousers, djellaba; caftan, shorts, … A must have peace: This Moroccan babouch for man will be a master peace among your shoes collection, we are sure that you will ordre a defirent Desin/ Color again as you will find it amazing . Fits all foot shapes perfectly. We use the world class companies of shipping FedEx & DHL to insure fast shipping & high quality service for our cutomers. make sure you send you send us your details:(Phone Number & Adress) as they are required for shipping. Worldwide (3-5 days) Australia (5-8 days) This Moroccan Babouche For Men is a perfect gift for all occasions: Christmas new year Halloween Anniversary Marriage Proposal Valentine’s day Thanks given birthdays This Moroccan shoes For Men is perfect for Men & Women who are searching for: babouche man babouche men babouche slippers babouche slippers men babouche marocain babouche morocco babouche moroccan leather babouche slippers leather babouche moroccan souvenirs moroccan shoes moroccan shoes for men moroccan shoes for man moroccan kaftan for wedding moroccan kaftan moroccan shoes moroccan kaftan shoes caftan moroccan kaftan moroccan shoes man moroccan shoes men moroccan shoes for boys african shoes berber shoes kaftan normal size kaftan plus size kaftan fabric kaftan islamic kaftan linen men kaftan linen shoes moroccan shoes morocco shoes maroc chaussures man shoes leather shoes genuine leather babouche in slippers babouche moroccan for men babouche suede moroccan sandals moroccan slippers moroccan slippers men moroccan slippers leather idoukan Leather Sandals For Men, Sandals, Handmade Moroccan Leather, Slide Boho Moroccan, Men Sandal