Linen Travel Towel, Bath Workout Beach Spa Yoga Gym Hand Towel Set


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Linen TRAVEL towel, Linen BATH towel, Linen towel, Linen BEACH towel, Linen SAUNA towel, Wedding gifts, Linen hooded towel, Linen hand towel, SPA towel, Linen towel SET There are so many towels on Etsy! Every possible material, size, colour, thickness, waving & OMG how to know which is the best? in our opinion, there is no one universal ‘The Best’. Everything is based on personal experience. Personal taste & sense of comfort for every 30 million active buyers on Etsy is different. As for us – our customers, who bought these towels, are sending positive feedback, sharing unexpectedly received ‘such a wow quality’ & we believe that we did good. That we are doing good. But the judgement is Yours. Try, & hopefully, it will become at least one of ‘Your Favourites’. Here are some quotes from our customers about our linen travel / bath/ SPA / gym: “I was pleasantly surprised on how little space this towel takes, probably half the amount a cotton towel of the same size would. I was a bit skeptical when I felt how thin it was but the towel draws the water from my body easily rather than being pushed around like a cotton towel. I’m very happy with my purchase & the communication with the seller. I would also like to thank them for the unexpected gift & say I plan to use it soon as I can.” “Awesome quality. Every traveler needs this” “Very nice quality. Thanks very much!” “Excellent, exactly what i needed!” “Fantastic towel, dries really quickly, it’s just superb!” “I use this as my quick-drying travel towel at work, & it does just that. It wicks water very quickly & saturates quickly but also dries extremely quickly. Once I hang it up it is dry by the time I need to leave work which. Then, I am able to throw it in my back pack since it rolls up so small (I have to 110 cm x 180 cm) & it functions as a very convenient travel towel” To conclude: Fast-drying, super-thin, little space taking. Every towel is 100% Linen & comes with a travel belt. Linen towel SET of 3 towels sizes & weights: 110 cm x 180 cm (43″ x 71″) Weight: 500 g 85 cm x 140 cm (33″ x 55″) Weight: 300 g 55 cm x 85 cm (22″ x 33″) Weight: 140 g Colour: Brown, Blue Material: 100% Linen (205 g/m2) Pre-washed, softened Machine washable 40o C Please note that actual colors may vary due to your computer resolution & monitor color restrictions Have loop for hanging. Towel comes with a travel belt. Brand new: Made in Lithuania by SEWING FIESTA Delivery to European countries: 5 – 10 working days Delivery to America, Canada, Australia: 10 – 21 working day Thank you for looking Linen Travel Towel, Bath Workout Beach Spa Yoga Gym Hand Towel Set