Luxurious Pink Mother Of Pearl Clutch Couture Statement Wedding Bridal Event | Mop Style Seashell Christmas Gift Purse


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READY TO SHIP FROM SYDNEY AUSTRALIA Hazel Grace Couture is excited to present our most ExQUISITE Premium Collection of Mesmerising Mother Of Pearl Wedding & Event Artisian handmade statement MOTHER OF PEARL For Centuries, Nature Lovers & admirers, Mother of Pearl brings the gentle healing power of the Oceans & sea. An absolute Treasure & stunning visual delight, as with any stress relieving stone, they are relaxing, soothing & calming to the emotions. Mother of Pearl stimulates our intuition, imagination, sensitivity & adaptability. Mother Of Pearl, or “Nacre” is a smooth shining iridescent substance forming the inner layer of the shell of some molluscs, especially oysters & abalones. Mother of Pearl is also defined as a 1st Anniversary gemstone. Treasured, admired & cherished in eras past & present time, this precious timeless material, has adorned & represented a symbolism of wealth, status & stature for regal & royalty in many cultures. It helps our emotions become more harmonious & balanced. Blending these Metaphysical protection & healing stone properties into a divine marriage of an Artisan designed clutch & you truly have a unique & mesmerising statement treasure. Rare, invoking & stunning, Hazel Grace Couture’s Premium Artisan Collection offers our valued customers the opportunity to invite & invest in our most Exclusive in your modern fashion forward Collection. An absolute “MUST HAVE” for collectors of all things Extraordinary Style your Wedding Gown, Event outfit & impress your guests with those added extra touches that make a memorable & impressive statement of grandeur & elegance. Take any outfit to a new level of class & sophistication with an from our breathtaking range. Straight lines create beautiful portions & add character to this hard-cased event clutch. Romantic pinks with an iridescent shine & opaline qualities are duplicated on each end to create a beautiful symmetry, separated by a texturised metallic gold dripping with affluence & class. The uniqueness totally captivates & stuns adding a delicate touch of Romance & Magic to your Magical Beach Wedding Attire taking on new life with every movement. This breathtaking work of art, is border to border with a rich beaded pearl centrepiece so dreamy, you’ll never want to leave the house without it. Our design is of generous sizing to accomodate any size smart phone, lipstick/gloss & other small beauty essentials needed for a special occasion. Style your special occasion & impress your guests with those added extra touches that make a memorable & impressive statement of grandeur & elegance. Luxuriously lined in velvet suede super soft to the touch, & of artisan designed quality, to hold delicately & ever so gracefully, is a vision all Wedding photographers adore. The clutch is accentuated with delicate intricate brass panel hardware at either end & finished with a glamorous touch of old world bohemian charm & style. READY TO SHIP FROM SYDNEY AUSTRALIA Luxurious Pink Mother Of