Marie-Christine Pavone Broche Chat Dodu Orange Pois Handmade Marbled White Dotted Galalith Cat Brooch French Designer Costume Jewelry


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Marie-Christine PAVONE Broche Chat Dodu Orange Pois Abstract styled sweet looking well-rounded cat brooch by Marie-Christine Pavone. It is made by hand in 2 layers in an artistic geometric design from galalith that is marbled inside & colored radiant orange turning darker towards the back & ears. Dodu is adorned with sweet little white dots. The marbling gives the galalith an amazing mother of pearl like iridescent shine inside. The surface is hard & very shiny. Little black balls as eyes. Dodu measures 3 x 2 inch without the ears. Signed by hand at the back. Excellent unworn condition. The photos shown are of the actual item you are purchasing. Because Marie-Christine paints the nose, whiskers & eyes of the cats freehand, each cat has its own face, no one looks the same. This way, as in real life, every cat is different with its own unique character. By some magic Marie-Christine’s cats are not just a brooch, they feel like a new friend. Next to the wonderful iridescent effect the marbling gives, it makes the colors very susceptible to the color of light shining on it, bright in the daylight, dark outside the light, yellower in the artificial light at night etc. Pavone jewels are fancy brooches, earrings, bracelets & necklaces made with the help of ancient techniques of handcrafted galalith, bakelite & lucite. Galalith is the most used material in the creation of Pavone jewelry. Galalith is made from the casein of milk hence its name, “gala” (milk) & lithos (stone). Discovered at the end of the 19th century, it is the ancestor of plastics. This brooch is an original piece of work handmade by Marie-Christine Pavone in her Paris Studio. Marie-Christine’s brooches are all individual works of art which take up to three weeks to create. The brooches are hand cut from old Galalith, (they are not molded or laser cut). The Galalith starts of as a milky white & is then dyed & impregnated in order to achieve the bold & vibrant iridescent colors & silky appearance. Every stage of the brooch production is done by hand. The magic Marie-Christine puts into her galalith items, the liveliness it brings is her trademark, they cannot be mistaken. The creation of Pavone jewels began more than twenty years ago, trends & styles mixing old & new. Each item is signed & has a name; it is a unique & rare jewel, that can bring a very personal & original touch to your outfit. Please treat your jewelry with care & do not drop it on hard surfaces. Avoid contact with perfumes, lotions & sunscreen as they may dull or damage the galalith & surface decoration. Note that colors may not always be captured right in a photograph & can appear very different on different screens. If you have any doubts or questions, please ask before ordering to avoid disappointment. Marie-Christine Pavone Broche Chat Dodu Orange Pois Handmade Marbled White Dotted Galalith Cat Brooch French Designer Costume Jewelry