Micro Concrete Necklace Architectural Pendant Surreal Jewelry Chimera # 6


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Architectural forms, textures, & materials, the modulation of light, shade, & color, all combine to inject a spirit that articulates space. This construct filled with architectural elements that defy gravity & the natural laws of space force the viewer to perceive reality in new ways – A Paradox. A Chimera. The collection is created by architectural elements coming together to form illusory perspectives, a sensory mirage of spaces for the mind, defining a new paradigm in design. The idea is based on the belief in the superior reality of certain associations of forms, the omnipotence of dreams, & the undirected play of thought. This design particularly is inspired by a section through a medieval church. These designs are available in the form of brooches & neckpieces. These intricately crafted pieces make for excellent conversation starters which will kindle everlasting memorable moments. Here we present to you the CHIMERA collection. Dimensions : 55mm x 40mm x 12mm (W x D x H) Materials : Concrete & Brass Weight : Brooch – 33g | Fixed Length Necklace – 49g | Adjustable Length Necklace – 54g Note : in the chimera collection each design is available as a Brooch, as a necklace with a fixed length chain or variable length chain, kindly choose the appropriate option during purchase. Micro Concrete Necklace Architectural Pendant Surreal Jewelry Chimera # 6