Modern Wedding Ring Box – Personalized Double


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-Luxury Double Ring Box Collection.- We travel the earth to collect some of the most rare, unique & beautiful wood species to craft our premium range of handcrafted double wedding ring boxes from. There are no other wedding ring boxes like ours, because we personally hand pick our wood from collectors around the globe & hand craft each set in Australia, from the raw piece of rare wood. Quantities are extremely limited, because some of the wood species are difficult to obtain & takes hundreds of years to grow, like our 400 year old Macassar Ebony, & our rare Bocote wood from Central South America. Great care was taken in the design to work with these rare wood species. Small hidden hinges & magnets are installed into your ring box, lined with soft foam & faux leather to keep your ring securely in place. -Personalized Engraving on your Double Wedding Ring Box.- We recommend to keep your engravings short & simple, like your names or initials only, to let the beauty of the wood speak for itself. Personalization has no extra cost, you’re welcome to pick your own fonts from & let us know your font & wording place with a message. -Ring Box Wood Species.- All our premium wooden ring boxes, are crafted from a single piece of wood, not jointed pieces like our economy range. This means your box is cut out from a single piece of timber right from the tree, with no glue joints so you get all the beautiful natural patterns in that single piece of wood. None of our woods are stained or coloured, it is the actual wood colour that you are receiving. We do not seal the wood with lacquers of resins, as this hides the smells & textures of the wood. Instead we use a mix of natural mineral oils & waxes including bees wax & brazilian palm wax to protect the wood, while allowing the natural smells & textures to be experienced. Rock Maple A hard, lightly coloured wood with beautiful wave patterns collected in the higher cooler regions in North America. Rock maple is more commonly available than some of our other species, but worth adding to our collection for its ease to work with & beautiful patterns. Rosewood From the Solomon Islands, our 300 year old lumber is turned into finely crafted wedding ring boxes. Black Walnut Black American Walnut – from the US has a mix of chocolate & dark brown streaks. Maple & Walnut A dual tone contrasting ring box using American Hard Maple & Black Walnut. Modern Wedding Ring Box – Personalized Double