Moon Pendant, Crescent Moon, Boho Wedding, White, Ceramic Pendant


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Handmade from Australian clay, this one of a kind pendant has been bisque & glaze fired for strength. It has a soft, pure white glaze & hangs on a brown, waxed cotton cord, with slide knots to adjust length.. Clay is a natural product & holds warmth, so it feels lovely to wear against the skin. Each tabbiestone pendant is the result of a combination of traditional & experimental techniques. – When worn as a diffuser pendant the warmth of the skin allows the oils to vaporise creating a lovely cloud of aromatic molecules around you. The reverse side of the pendant is smooth & unglazed & is naturally porous. This enables essential oils to absorb & slowly release their aroma over several hours. Just add a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil onto the pendant & allow to to absorb before wearing. The aroma will generally last several hours to a few days depending on the oils used. If you would like to change the essential oil you are using you can either choose a new one that will blend well with the old one .. or wait a few days until the old oil has vaporised & the new one can dominate. Blend Ideas: Study – 1 drop each rosemary & peppermint Travel – 1 drop each peppermint, lemon & ginger Relaxation – 1 drop each spearmint & lavender or – 1 drop each geranium & lavender Meditation – 1 drop each patchouli & lime or – 1 drop each sweet orange & frankincense Find us on Facebook for more essential oil blend recipes. – All necklaces are carefully packaged including care instructions. Perfect for gift giving! See our store for more colours & styles: Thank you for browsing! Moon Pendant, Crescent Moon, Boho Wedding, White, Ceramic Pendant