Museum Quality Super Large Block Of White Calcite Rhombs Intergrown With Water Clear Quartz Crystals & Gemmy Galena Sphalerite


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Incredible museum quality super large cabinet size specimen of large white calcite rhombs intergrown with water clear quartz crystals & gemmy galena & sphalerite. This giant size piece has that hard to define wow factor for display. There is a carpet of small needle-like quartz crystals that are water clear & pristine. These are intergrown with highly lustrous gemmy galena & sphalerite crystals. These are overgrown by snow white large calcite crystals showing scalenohedral rhombic form. Just to finish it off the calcite fluoresces a beautiful pink in UV (black light). Regular visitors to the MineraliumStore know that I have a thing for mineral specimens from the Rhodope Mountains region of Bulgaria. It produces superb specimens with quartz, calcite, galena, sphalerite & chalcopyrite that grew in vugs often in combination pieces. The district is not that well known to mineral collectors which means it still represents great value. I’m somewhat torn between wanting the region to get the global mineral collecting recognition it deserves versus maintaining the great value that keeps me coming back for my own collection. This is a great example of what makes the district special. All the minerals in this piece are perfectly formed with pristine crystal form & super clean gemmy appearance. The pure snow white colour of the calcite has to be seen to be appreciated. The super clean & fresh looking crystals belie the fact that the mineralisation formed around 30 million years ago & this was extracted underground. There is no hint of any weathering or staining. As I say it has a wow factor that invites you to keep looking at it. Given its super large size & hefty 4.4 kg weight there is a lot to look at! This is a museum quality piece that could be a centrepiece of any collection. Even for the Rhodope Mountains this is an exceptional & rare super size piece. Location: Borieva Mine, Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria 24.0 x 13.0 x 13.0 cm (Large cabinet size) 4.43 kg M1293 About Mining in Rhodope Mountains region The Rhodope Mountains in southern Bulgaria has a long history of mining going back to ancient times. During the 1960’s it was an important producer of lead & zinc under the soviet regime. Following the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 mining & associated investment has steadily declined in the region creating tensions between generating local employment; dealing with the environmental legacy of mining operations; & alternative opportunities such as tourism. Lead-zinc mines are concentrated south of the city of Madan in the central Rhodopes region with over 40 individual mines. There is often confusion in the naming of ore deposits versus mines versus administrative centres. Well-known mining localities include Borieva, Krushev Dol & Deveti Septemvri (9th September). Mineralisation is dated around 30 Ma & occurs as NNW trending veins, stockworks & replacement skarns which cut a metamorphic core complex that includes marble horizons. Open vughs & pockets