Ombré Dip Dye Your Polyester Wedding Dress – One Color Synthetic Professional Lab Colorful Bridal Gowns


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America’s Professional Gown Dye Lab & Custom Wedding Dress Designer Custom design your ombre gown start to finish with us (message), OR we now accept materials/gowns supplied by you to craft the finished product we provide. This listing is for a SINGLE color dip dye, for polyester, nylon, & other synthetic materials. Looking for a MULTI-COLOR listing? For synthetics: For silk gowns: Need SINGLE COLOR, but for a silk gown? YES; WE ABSOLUTELY DYE SYNTHETICS. Most every gown you’ll find in bridal boutiques are made of polyester with nylon or lycra. Most dye hobbyists do not utilize the same equipment or dye formulations we offer. Regular old craft store dye will NOT succeed on polyester – at all. You probably have a lot of questions. No problem! Start with this info. Feel free to message us. We offer free video consults as needed, too! Each gown & bride is a unique combination of variables, & we are ready to walk you through what to expect. Our process is designed for your peace of mind, from consult to swatch testing, mid-dyeing, & completion. If we don’t expect to produce the results you desire, you’ll know up front. We have been designing, manufacturing, & collaborating with brides for 14 years. Our rare skill overlap of bridal customer service, textile chemistry, & the artistic finesse to produce beautiful, smoothly blended ombres are what sets us apart. We do accept a maximum 5 dye clients per month. Dyeing itself is a 1-2 week turnaround. Custom gowns are currently running 6-8 weeks plus shipping time. We encourage booking your collaboration early to ensure a spot in our dye schedule that works with your alterations plans. (We can talk you through those logistics, too.) Our Fabric Almanac (covers results to expect by fabric type) – “Which Fabrics work best?” – “Are there any BAD fabric choices?” – “What if my gown has mixed fiber content?” Dye Artistry vs the more controlled Printing Technique – Is an organic effect desirable for you, or is perfection more up your alley? – Illustrated ombre print design Is if more cost-effective to create my gown together with you from the beginning? This IS often the case. Our dyeing is an artisinal process that we are able to discount heavily when we’re in control of the fabrics & can predict results. Some jewel tones & darker do include an extra dye fee. You WILL have questions. We’re here for you! Ombré Dip Dye Your Polyester Wedding Dress – One Color Synthetic Professional Lab Colorful Bridal Gowns