Printed Wool Scarf – Bride in Storm Oversized Square Shawl, Luxury Scarf, Designer Sydney


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‘BRIDE in THE STORM’ Merino Wool Scarf “I DRESS in STARS & CHAOS. I’M BOTH A WARRIOR & AN ARTIST.” – Carolina Heza – The Story of BRIDE in THE STORM. “Mum, Stuart & I are shipping out on a mission in two days. We’re moving up the wedding to tomorrow,” announced Claudia, over the phone, “I need you to hop on a plane & meet us on base.” This wasn’t what her Mum, Michelle, would want. But there was no telling how long she & Stuart would be deployed. & they had never been too keen on a big event, anyway. That night, Claudia pulled out her go-to date-night dress. It wasn’t bridal attire by a long shot; but as an officer in the Marines, she knew how to make do. This was the life she had signed up for – to serve her country. If that meant sacrificing a pretty, white dress, then so be it. The next morning, Michelle arrived. “Here,” she said, presenting a large box to her daughter, “This is for you.” “You didn’t have to get me anything, Mum”, started Claudia, before gasping in delight. Folded inside the box was her mother’s wedding dress. A delicate mix of satin & tuille that Claudia had loved, ever since she was a child. She looked up to see her mother watching her. They were both remembering those carefree days, when a young Claudia would play at being a princess, in this very same dress. Later that day, in the modest base chapel, Claudia glided down the aisle. It was a simple ceremony, but there in her mother’s dress, marrying the man she loved, Claudia felt all her dreams came true. 100% Merino Wool 140 cms x 140 cms Dry clean only Gift Boxed Cool Ironing is fine By choosing this scarf, you are – preventing Ocean pollution by contributing 0 plastic Soil erosion by aiding chemical-free farming Air corrosion by leaving chemical dyes By choosing this garment, you are – Ensuring Conscious choices are fashionable ✓ Visit our Shop Home Page Printed Wool Scarf – Bride in Storm Oversized Square Shawl, Luxury Scarf, Designer Sydney