Raw Black Tourmaline Engagement Ring Set, Wedding Rings, Stone Ring, Gemstone


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All sizes are available. If you don’t see your size, just add a note in your order when you check out. These amazing unique wedding ring sets are made with genuine Black Tourmaline stones craft in a thick layer of copper as a strong base, & with silver filled/gold filled/rose gold filled options available. Don’t miss our FLASH SALE: https://www.etsy.com/shop/JadedDesignNYC?ref=seller-platform-mcnav%C2%A7ion_id%C2%A7ion_id%C2%A7ion_id§ion_id=40272553 Metal Gold/Rose Gold/Silver Filled: A layer of 24K Gold/Rose Gold/Silver on the band out side of copper. Although we will try to make it as thick as we can, it will still need to be re-plated every so often especially the sweaty summer time can potentially speed up the tarnish. Luckily getting your rings replated with a nice new shinny coat is very simple. If this happens, we can replate for you with no additional charge. Customers will need to ship it back & will be responsible for the return shipping cost. Copper: We intended to keep the copper as natural/bare as we can for our copper lovers. However, if the discoloring troubles you, I would recommend you to add a protective coating called Protectaclear(or simply clear nail polish works) to the metal area. This will creates a barrier between the copper & your skin & also prevents the metal from oxidizing (darkening). Depending on the amount of wear the coating will eventually wear down. The more layers you apply the longer the coating will last as well! 2-3 layers is a good amount! Please note that the color change from copper is not an allergic reaction but completely common as copper oxidizes fairly easily. If you notice your finger turning green where the band is just add another coat of protection I mentioned above. ( I highly recommend purchasing some for all of your metal jewelry or even a little bit of clear nail polish!) Package The Jewelry in my store is packed with nice gift box. Gift Boxes: To keep costs low & to prevent excess waste, multiple rings & earrings may be arranged in one box. If you require more than one box for gifts, please include a note at checkout & we will happily include additional boxes. More Information Please read our FAQ & shop policy before purchasing. Shop responsibly & keep in mind that you are purchasing on Etsy from independent designers, not a large scale / volume retailer / importer:). Back to home page: https://www.etsy.com/shop/JadedDesignNYC?ref=seller-platform-mcnav Thanks for visiting my shop! Join our GIVEAWAY Event We are sending out gifts biweekly to give back to our fans! You could be the next one to receive our handmade jewelry for free Sign up our email list from here to join the event: https://omniform1.com/signup/v1/62ca78072141956e7ca843e5_6330c69114512f0505f9bfb3.html Raw Black Tourmaline Engagement Ring Set, Wedding Rings, Stone Ring, Gemstone