Rose Gold Botanical Wedding Bands A Set Of His & Hers 18K Wedding Rings


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A stunning pair of 18k rose gold wedding rings, both are hand formed & have been decorated with your choice of Oak, Ash, Cedar, Horse Chestnut, Fern or Vine leaves. With 18ct rose gold my making process is a little different to other metals, I will make a silver ring from scratch as normal but will then get that ring cast by an outside company in the 18ct rose gold, I’ve found this gives a cleaner crisper imprint, I only do this for 18ct rose & platinum, all other rings are entirely made by me by hand. The Ash tree is a symbol of strength & inter connectivity. The Cedar tree is mentioned in the bible, associated with Mary & in many cultures is thought to symbolise healing & protection. Ferns are a prehistoric plant which over the years have been seen as symbols of luck & protection. Grapes & their vines are traditionally associated with fertility & abundance. The Horse Chestnut Tree is often associated with fertility & longevity. The Oak is a classic symbol of strength & endurance. All excellent choices for wedding rings. The larger ring is 5mm thick, the smaller 3mm thick & both are made from 1mm thick 18k rose gold sheet making strong & sturdy rings. While these rings are listed in gender specific terms what I really mean is that the 5mm ring will better suit a larger hand & the 3mm a smaller one, generally these will be men & women respectively, but the rings themselves are not actually gender specific. Its really just about finding the size that fits your hand & your taste, some people love bigger rings some prefer smaller, it’s all about personal choice. The images shown are of various purities & colours of gold rings so a photo of the different colours of 9k, 14k & 18k white gold has been included for you to see. All my rings are available in yellow, white or rose gold in 9k, 14k or 18k, as well as platinum upon request. All my silver & gold rings are made entirely from recycled metals as are most of my other pieces, please check out the ethics page on my site for more details Matching cufflinks, earrings, pendants & tie clips are also available, in silver or gold, if you can’t find the match you want please contact me. These rings are legally required to be hallmarked before dispatch, & my hallmarking is done by Birmingham Assay Office as such please allow 3-4 weeks for dispatch, it may be quicker but I’m erring on the side of caution. If you need them sooner please contact me to discuss. If you are not sure what Hallmarking is please follow this link With all gold rings the first thing I will do is send out a ring sizer so don’t worry about your size, often tools are calibrated differently so while you may know your size it may not mesh with my tools & given the cost & time involved it’s better to be safe then sorry. For special offers, competitions & an insight into my life & work go to my website Rose Gold Botanical Wedding