Rosy Rhubarb Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon


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gorgeous hand dyed silk 4″ or 1″ wide, one yard please note the hand dyed nature of this silk~rich shades of mauves, violet pink- rosey pinks & a little bit of pinky grey beige in the center (that might not show up later in the roll) – please remember that this is a hand dyed silk & each pieces/yard/roll can be very different. Sometimes more of less of a color & sometimes some linear variations show up towards the end of the roll very light weight silk & so fun to layer with other silks 😉 xoxox This silk is cut on the bias & will have random seams. Not colorfast Many fabrics & silks are cut on the bias, this gives it some stretch & strength-it does not effect the quality of the silk, in fact it is the opposite-many times it makes the silk hang or lay smoother than it would if it wasn’t cut on the bias. I sell thousands of yards of silk that are cut on the bias-both in my interior design work & through my ribbon shop & they all work perfectly for bouquets, sashes, invitations & just about anything you can think of. If working with a silk that is cut on the bias is an issue-let me know & I will send you links of other options we have. All of our hand dyed silks are on the bias. PLEASE note that our hand dyed silks are not 100% color fast ~ meaning that they might bleed dye when wet. I recommend soaking 12-24 hours in temperate water, softly wring out (repeat process with fresh water until water is clear) then lay flat to dry. If you want the silk wrinkle free, lightly press on a very low setting (test a small area first) on the reverse side (also can place a lightweight piece of fabric between iron & silk) Rosy Rhubarb Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon