Silicone Rubber Wedding Ring/Band For Men & Women


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Silicone rubber wedding ring / band. Ideal ring for active lifestyles As silicone is flexible & molds to any shape – they can make an ideal ring for active lifestyle or someone who does a lot of work with there hand. Want to keep your normal wedding band safe when you workout or go swimming – but don’t want to go out without a ring Worried about bending or catching your ring on machinery – no issues with a silicon ring, these rings are designed to bend & conform to any shape & if caught will break before causing any harm Really comfortable to wear – the silicone wont slip off easily while your at the beach or in the pool – so great if you want to protect your normal ring leaving it safe at home, but still want to keep that wedding ring on At the moment they are available in Grey, Black, Pink, Red, Silver & white camo & a pink & white camo – & in sizes US 7-9.5, UK/AU N to S1/2 approx. I will be making other sizes soon Every ring or wedding band order placed is handmade with loving care. As such every ring is slightly different & unique! Our rings aren’t just pieces of jewellery they are pieces of artwork as individual as their new owner. Orders & Ring Sizes When we receive your order – we will then start the process of hand making the ring especially for you. We do keep some of our ring pre made but believe in custom making where possible – in that way if there is any variation that you may require this can be done for you. Because of this & depending on our current order volume your ring could be ready in a couple of days or it could take approximately 1-2 weeks. If you have an occasion coming up, please contact us, & we’ll do everything we can to get your ring to you in time. We also offer express shipping for a small additional fee. Exotic materials like Ceramics. Tungsten & Titanium especially when inlaid cannot be resized. The same can be said about all our lined wood rings. As such please make sure to find out the correct size you require. Our suggestion would be to try a couple of jewellers to get your finger measured. If that’s not possible let us know & we can try & assist. in the event that you do order the wrong size – don’t worry we are happy to assist & re make the ring in your correct size – all we ask is that you pay for the postage. Materials: I have been involved with rocks, minerals & gemstones almost my whole life – first starting to collect minerals at the age of 5. As such one thing I am extremely passionate about is the authenticity of any material used. We only use genuine natural gemstones – no imitation or synthetic or enhances material at all. All our rings are durable & made from the best material we can source to ensure your new ring is of the highest quality – but they are not indestructible – if you have any issues please contact us & we will do what we can to assist you. Shipping: We ship worldwide. To keep the cost low we send our rings in special envelopes so that they are protected during shipping. Refund: Since