Snug Picnic Bandana


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☆ The Perfect Staple for your furry friend ☆ Handmade Collar Bandana Made from 100% Cotton with The Bear Club Patch. NOTE: All bandanas will have different pattern layouts due to size & design. Collar bandanas cannot be produced due to the type of material for this specific design. TIE UP SIZING CHART: Neck Circumference SMALL: Fits up to 30cm – 35cm MEDIUM: Fits up to 40cm – 45cm LARGE: Fits up to 47cm – 55cm ExTRA LARGE: Fits up to 56cm – 65cm All fabric designs sold at The Bear Club is Licensed CARE INSTRUCTIONS: The Bandana is durable & is worn on your furry friends collar. For long lasting effects wash with cold water to remove stains & duress. Unsure of what size to get for your furry friend? Contact us on Safety first. Please always monitor your pet while wearing their collars/bandanas. The Bear Club is not responsible for any damage or misuse. Snug Picnic Bandana