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A piece of art specially designed for the daily use ,this is not an ordinary tray but a special item which has its own story coming down from the family of those who used to make these for the royal families of Rajputana ,this art of blue pottery is something which finds its origin in the medieval period i.e. around 1200 A.D.,Our shop is an endeavour to protect & promote this art form which is getting lost by the increasing use of mechanised goods, Your purchase will be a push for this art towards future.These square tray are specially designed for a small amount servings like Sugar, munchies, sausages & all things which could be served to your daily guest. -No clay is used : the ‘DOUGH’ for the pottery is prepared by mixing quartz stone powder, powdered glass, Multani mitt, borax, gum & water. . You can choose the colours from Blue & Yellow,Just message us & we will make it. . Elegant & Beautifully designed square tray is perfect for the decor in the lifestyle use, also use in serving items like nuts, sauce, munchies, small pieces of sweets . Handcrafted & Colored by using Beautiful design it’s a must buy product of Tejomay Crafts make it yours Today. . Each order will contain a pair. . Gift wraps n personalised notes are also available . Handling Instructions: Blue Pottery items are fragile. Clean the surface regularly with a soft dry cloth. in case dust has accumulated over the surface, gently rub some ordinary oil to restore the shine on the surface. Keep away from the reach of children. Do not use sharp objects on the surface. Packaging: Carefully wrapped & packaged in a sturdy box with bubble wrap & foam for safe shipping & delivery all over the World. Any suggestion regarding the design & quality of the product is highly appreciated.Also we & our entire community is highly grateful to you & every order placed by you. Each order contains a surprise gift from us. Square Tray, Serving Homeliving, Dining, Indoordecor , Lifestyleproduct Kitchen Essential